A Place Of Hidden Opportunity To Love Again


A spiritual principle that has hidden opportunity and the ability to change lives for the better.

When a person is in a powerless state they no longer need to figure things out.

It’s over.

They can give their problems and circumstances to God and rest.

Because too many people like being in control they fight a losing battle to the bitter ends.

It’s only until they recognize their powerlessness they can surrender their all to God.

We all know surrender has a bad reputation but powerless reputation is worse.

The world says being powerless is being weak, less than or a sign of failure.

No one likes being known as a failure or defeated because we live in a world where winning is worshipped.

Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing.

Life has a natural flow like water.

Sometimes it flows our way and to our liking.

Then other times it flows opposite of our expectations and cause us to become uncomfortable within.

It’s at this moment we recognize only God has the control over the flow of life.

It’s the perfect opportunity for us to recognize and accept our powerlessness.

It’s important to understand our powerlessness holds the hidden opportunity to love again.

That’s the freedom to our life.

Freedom for us to know it’s okay to be in pain.

We gain power when we let go of wanting to control.

God puts that gnawing uncomfortable feeling inside us for a reason; to make us aware of our powerlessness.

Oh how we want it so bad to go away.

What are your worries at this moment?

What can you do about it right now?

We are faced daily with the prospect of accepting or rejecting our pain, our reality, our powerlessness.

Our present circumstance is who we are.

It’s where we live, work and play.

Some days were happy because our lives are going as expected.

Our kids are acting like they have sense.

Our house is clean.

The car is running properly.

The bills are paid and just for today our mate likes us.

Then the tides of life change currents.

The brakes go out on the car.

The roof leaks.

The dogs tears up our brand new carpet.

Houston we have a problem.

Our circumstances are no longer comfortable or going as expected.

We face a new situation to accept.

We must recognize our powerlessness or denial will keep us insane.

We pray things to be the way they were.

All we want is to feel comfortable again.

We must do some deep soul-searching and ask ourselves some questions.

Why do I feel I need being in control of everything and everyone?

What do I see in this person or situation I don’t like about myself?

What part did I play in this situation?

Do I believe in my heart that God is in control of this situation?

When we admit our powerlessness and take a look at our motives we become connected to our truth within.

Our emotions are there but we lose the effort trying to control them.

We accept the flow of life allowing ourselves to feel serene.

We stop obsessing and start to hear a gentle voice.

The voice tells us it’s already alright because where you are powerless I’m powerful.

Recognizing our powerlessness gives us an opportunity to allow a power greater than ourselves to flow through us to others with love.

We’re here to love one another.

And that takes being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable…




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