A Woman Can’t Teach a Boy How to be a MAN

portrait-of-anne_2738032Resentful, bitter and confused. Lost in a mental prison trying to figure out “why me?” Inside every boy who don’t have a father comes a time in his life when he tries to figure out why. Is it something I did?  My mother?

See, being raised by a woman can only go so far. We all yearn for that father figure regardless how good mom raised us on her own. So without a father a boy may learn denial, resentment, and a feeling of unworthiness.

There is a natural connection he can ONLY get from a Man.

The Bible says the Man is head of the household, but that’s hard to believe when no man is around. Some young men will never be hugged or even told they’re love by a male figure until they are grown. Unfortunately I know from my experience, by then they may not be able to receive it.

Those young men must find someone to help them figure out what a man is. Athletes, rappers and dope boys on the corner sound real good to young men without fathers.

A woman raising a boy on her own can only tell him her perspective of what a man is. See, a young man goes by what he sees and if mom doesn’t have that kind of man around, why should he believe what she is saying is true?

Action speaks louder than words. I would suggest mentoring, before it’s too late.



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