Are You Relationship Material?

If I make one point on this blog I hope you understand that life is about relationships.

With God , self (Self Reflection)  and others.

Nicole and I have been through thick and thin,… mostly THICK!

She took me into her one bedroom apartment straight out of a drugs and alcohol rehab center.

I had no job, no place to stay and little hope.

I still ask her to this day what made her do it.

She always have the same answer.

I seen you the same way God sees you: I read your heart and evaluated your potential and understood you’re not your mistakes.

With that being said I give you my lovely wife Nicole with her thoughts on relationships as we’re approaching our fifth year wedding anniversary this April 22nd.


People often wish they had what they see others with, especially relationships/marriage.

But what they may not realize is what it takes to have a successful meaningful one.

More than anything I see people declaring a lot of what they won’t do, take or deal with.

In a marriage we’re always taking the good with the bad and find meaningful ways to accept the things we can’t change.

Especially if the good far outweighs the bad.

God does not place you with a mate to change them nor does He pick the “perfect” mate.


He does however, place you with someone you compliment, someone you make stronger and the best version of themselves.

To get to that it takes much work.

There is a literal surgery of the Spirit that takes place between two people who have a successful relationship.

They don’t give 50/50, they give 100/100!

But, if you’re not willing to be on the receiving end of a lop-sided day then a relationship or marriage might not be what you want.







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