Four Women and An Opinionated Man

untitled (19)My blogging journey started in May, 2012. I had been pondering the thought of blogging for several months but at this particular time the thought was strong. Me and wife (My wife’s name is Nicole but I call her wife. One day I will share why, but as for now, lets just say it’s spiritual) had just gotten married the month before.

I was on a high that no internal battle I was experiencing could had stopped me. I believe that’s where I got the courage to walk through it, but mostly I believe it was part of God’s will for me. I say that because I didn’t know anything about blogging and I didn’t know anything about proper grammar either. But God placed certain people on this journey to inspire me and encourage me to keep on going.

We all can remember the first person who followed us or commented first on our blog. I know I can. Her name is Suzanne and she writes with love at Share the Spiritual.

I was new to blogging and God knew I would need to feel welcome and loved in order to stay. That’s what He did for me with Share the Spiritual; He loved on me. Through Suzanne’s enlighten writing I became more aware of myself and grew up spiritually. Thanks Suzanne.

Recovery is my life. First it’s God then it’s recovery. Blogging would be no different. The second person God placed on my path was Heather. From her blog Sober Boots I learned to embrace and share my recovery with a broader audience.

I understand that everyone is recovering from something and I learned to share my recovery from Heather. Her writing helped me understand I don’t know who my blog may reach and help so I must share my experience. If you want to learn more about recovery and addiction from a recovering addict’s experience. I suggest you go over to Sober Boots.

Then there came a time I hit a dark spot with blogging. I had lost the fire I had when I first started. I began to doubt myself. I was writing and wasn’t getting comments or followers. It seemed the blogosphere was keeping me out. I had prepared to quit.


With my white flag in hand and ready to surrender, I came across a post that spoke to my wounded spirit at Empowerment Moments Blog. In that post Yvonne wrote about everything I was going through. She talked about the self doubts I was having and how blogging is like a clique where newcomers aren’t always welcome.

I couldn’t fight back my tears because I knew God was still with me. I share with wife (Nicole) all the time that if it wasn’t for God working through Yvonne I wouldn’t be blogging today. Go check her out and be empowered!

God knew I would need a teacher to help me get a better understanding of Bible scriptures, so He blessed me with an online mentor; Dr. Shermaine Y. Sanders. Her blog SYS Ministries, Inc. teaches her readers how to take biblical stories and scriptures and see the similarities in their lives. It has taught me how to study the Bible by forcing me to ask myself questions along the way. Because of her in-depth teaching I have a better insight of what I’m studying.

Finally there was a man. An Opinionated Man. A man who every time he posts something you don’t know what to expect. But one things for certain it’s going to be harsh and real.

He [OM] got my attention with his post “Why I don’t care for Martin Luther King Day.” After that I kept going back for more. I was attracted to how authentic his posts were. Don’t be fooled by the names Opinionated Man and Harsh Reality because this guy has a giving heart.

If you’re new to blogging go follow him. Why? Because he loves sending followers to your blog via. reblog.  What I learned from OM is to be myself, have fun and reach out to new bloggers. Because of him I’m on fire for blogging like I never had been before.

At first I didn’t know what God had in mind when He started me on this blogging journey. Now I know He placed people in my path to remind me that He wants to guide and be in control of all areas of my life and that includes blogging.



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  1. If you don’t mind me asking: How do you USE God in your recovery?

  2. Way to stay blogging and push through the times of drought. You never know who God is going to reach through what you write. Even if only one person reads your post and doesn’t hit the like button, but is encouraged by it…. then it was worth it. You have a wonderful blog my friend!! Keep on writing 🙂

    • You touched on what I’ve always believed and known in my heart. That this blog isn’t about me but it’s about the people who’s reading it. And that’s why it’s important for me to focus on the good because I can easily think and make it about me. With that said, I will keep on writing. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Terrific post however , I was wanting to know
    if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be
    very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Thank you!

    • I could write an individual post on each person I mentioned here. I was really giving a shout-out (SO) to each person wanting them to know what they mean to me on this blogging journey. But I will keep that in mind the next time the spirit of gratitude comes over me. I’m glad you enjoyed the little bit I did Thank you sharing and please do come back.

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    Why am I always surrounded by women… -OM
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  5. That was a truly delightful read about your special journey 😀

  6. It is good to know that you still believe in your faith. Faith has come in very handy in my 71 years. When things are at their worst faith will get you through it. Lovely post. :o)

  7. Great post. I’ve personally been struggling with my relationship; not praying, not reading the word. I still go to church but it is like I’m holding on to him by a string because I don’t want the consequences of completely leaving Him, though I can see consequences I’m reaping right now from my lack of complete surrender.

  8. I’ve been there before. Then I had to learn that it’s a process and that He’s there whether I feel Him or not. I don’t always feel like praying or I will do just a drive-by prayer. But one thing I can say is He’s with you but the question is do you believe it? Because it all comes down to what we believe. Thanks for sharing and hold on. God got you.

  9. That was a great post, well done. I followed you over from OM’s. I loved your blog title, very creative and it gave me a laugh. That actually describes my home life, four women and one opinionated man 😉

  10. Lovely post. I forget how I ran across Opinionated Man, but it was probably something similar. A title that made me stop and say, “Wait, WHAT? You can’t say THAT!”
    Good on you for pointing out the others who helped along the way. I got four more tabs open, with blogs to check out.
    And I discovered that whether or not we agree on everything, you’ve got a voice I’m happy to “listen” to in your posts. I look forward to more.

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    You never know whose life you will touch as you journey along the way. Had no idea that what God laid on my heart to write on that day would impact the life of another like it did for Vernon. God bless you and thank you the mention. To God be all the glory. 🙂

  12. This made my heart extremely glad! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful post, and encouraging your blogger followers and friends. I pray I always learn from others more than they learn from me. Thank you also for sharing the blogs that encouraged you along the journey, in high times and lows, I will certainly view them likewise. Your kindness, realness and generosity is overwhelming! Much love to you and the Wife (Nicole) 🙂 Keep blogging and never give up, you never know when one simple line in your post will be a lifeline for someone else! Kingdom Blessings, Dr.SYS

    • Thanks you for making the Bible fun to read. My Pastor said I’m really learning it and understanding it fast. I told him he’s not the only mentor I have. Then I told him about your blog. He encourage me to keep learning from you, so that’s what I do.

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    This was of great encouragement to me and the ministry. So grateful for genuine people who show genuine love, kindness, friendship, support and encouragement!

  14. As i read this article, i was highy motivated. Since these few weeks of my blogging career, i have come to learn from the success stories of bloggers like you. I now feel different and i’m inspired by this post of yours.

    Thanks for sharing

  15. Love this post Vernon for so many reasons. I feel a post coming on. So encouraging

  16. Hi Vernon,

    That sure was wonderful 🙂

    And who says you don’t get comments? Look at the number of people here, and yes, you are blessed indeed. I guess we all start with our different aims and motives, where blogging is concerned, just as I mentioned in my ‘About’ page on my blog – my journey wasn’t meant to make me a blogger either. I was in a totally different field, then switched from being a writer to a blogger.

    I would call it destiny and His will, and I prefer going with the flow of things, taking one day as it comes, and living it well, such that I sleep with a peaceful and grateful heart – having done my best, in the best possible way. That for me is success 🙂

    I wish you the best in your blogging journey, and remember, now you have the Aha!NOW community there for you, so take it as your family and just reach out and connect. Come over and share your post with us. Have any doubts? We are all there to help you, and with Yvonne’s guidance, as she’s been with us for a while now, you’d find your way around, or you can always message me too – anytime.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  17. Thanks Harleena for dropping by! Me being a part of the AhaNOW family will be fun. I’m going to take your advice and ask questions as I feel my way around. I already like what I’m seeing. Thanks again!


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