From Father to Father; Dear Father



Dear Father,

I grew up wanting to know you.

How I wished you would had given me first consideration in all you did and for us to have a loving relationship.

I fantasized us tossing baseball together in the street or the park.

I like baseball but football and boxing was my favorite two sports.

Could you teach me how to work on cars like some of my friend’s fathers do was a question I had for you if we ever met.

I heard you was a good car mechanic.

I would had been willing to get my hands dirty for time spent with you.

As a child denial told me there was nothing wrong being raised by a single parent not knowing I would spend most of my life excelling hoping one day I would be accepted by you.

My teachers said I was a bright fast learning kid with a positive attitude.

Math was my favorite subject.

The school wanted to move me up a grade but moms wasn’t having that.

I think I learned fast because I’m a lefty.

I often wondered if you’re left-handed too.

And my football coaches would say I was a natural-born leader and motivator.

They said I was another coach on the field.

What I loved most about playing football was I allowed to play with anger.

I had a lot of anger.

Dad that was another side of me as a child that I never liked.

I was mean, moody and had a short temper.

Did I say I was angry?

I used drugs and drunk alcohol at a young age to fit in but mostly to feel normal.

I never felt normal growing up because I believed there was something wrong with me if my Dad didn’t want to know me and be in my life.

Today I have a loving relationship with my other Father.

God told me I’m not a victim and encouraged me to write you this letter.

He explained to me that a lot of my anger as a youth was because of confusion.

God isn’t the author of confusion.

My Father told me He have big plans for my life but in order for me to walk in my freedom I must look back at my past and let go of any bitterness, un-forgiveness or resentments I may have toward anyone.

He taught me I have suppressed feeling that I’m not aware of.

I heard you have passed away, but I want you to know I never felt bitter towards you or had any resentments.

I just wanted us to have a loving relationship.

Pops mostly I want you to know that I forgive you.

Although we never met I love you and hope to see you after this life.

Happy Father’s Day Pops

love your son,







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13 replies

  1. Great inspiration Vernon. A great way to remember your dad on Father’s Day.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Vernon, your letter brought tears to my eyes. Forgiveness is important to make you a better person.

    • Beverley I agree. Some may not be aware of how destructive resentments actually are. It hinders our spiritual development. Thank for sharing.

  4. Tears….. I sure hope you get to meet him after here. Like I hope I will meet my dad after here and now.

    • Hi Ugochi,

      I hope we both have the opportunity to meet our fathers. I have come to the conclusion that there’s a reason a purpose for everything.

      Thanks for sharing your compassion.

  5. Vernon, this is unbelievably touching and so profound. You made me feel every single word. You are blessed to be sure, to have found this level of acceptance and forgiveness. Best to you, Karen

    • Hey Karen,

      It was a process for sure. But once I found acceptance and forgiveness there was so much freedom. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from growing up without a father is I must learn to accept more than I try to change.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’ve nominated you for the quotes challenge. This isn’t an award but a chance to encourage others with your favorite quotes. Please do not feel obligated to participate, I understand time as well as motivation is necessary. I’ve chosen you to participate because I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have found much that is quotable.

    • Hi Ana,

      I’m blessed and honored to have been nominated. Unfortunately life showed up and I had to take care of personal responsibilities and couldn’t spend much time writing or blogging.

      I’m slowing getting back into the flow and hopefully I will have the same opportunity in the future to participate in one of your challenges because I’m a big fan of your blog as well.

      Thanks again my friend.

      • No problem. I rarely take part myself I only did for this one because I do a lot with quotes so it was easy. Most take too much time and as you say life shows up all too often.

        I look forward to seeing you more often

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