Head of Household Prayer


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Forgive me Lord, please forgive me! I beg you in Jesus’ name to please forgive me. I know my feeling isn’t facts but I’m tired. I’m tire Lord of hurting my wife. I’m tired of hurting my children. But most of all Lord, I’m tired of hurting you.

Why Lord being in control so important to me?

I’m holding a covering over my families’ head that’s preventing you from reaching them. I’m critical. Teach me how to release them so they can be free to be themselves in their own home. Teach me how to release them so you can work in their lives.

I confess I don’t know how to pick my battles. Everything in our house must be to my liking and if it isn’t, I’m trying to find out whose fault it is.

Lord it doesn’t matter whose fault it is. Teach me Father that just because something isn’t to my liking doesn’t mean someone did something wrong. Why I have to be right?

I love my family Lord. I love my family just as much as you love me. And if someone tries to hurt them in any way. I will throw myself into the fight to save them.

But I don’t throw myself into the spiritual fight that comes against them. Why? Because the spiritual fight against my family comes through me.

Yes Lord through me!  The head of household.

Satan has tricked me into believing that being the head of house hold is being in control of everyone. That belief has given him permission to kick my butt.

I humble myself before you Lord and take blame for everything that’s necessary to get my family in unity and harmony.

Satan wants my family but I’m not going to allow him to have them. I’m in a fight and if I lose my family will suffer more than they’re suffering now. I’m ready to stand up and fight the good fight of faith for them.

But I have fallen short, so forgive me Lord, please forgive me! I beg you in Jesus’ name to please forgive me.





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