How Me and My Wife Became ‘One Flesh’

imageIf at first you don’t succeed then maybe you’re like me and need to learn the hard way.

I must admit I never been the kind of guy who pays attention to detail.

My teacher in High School tried to get me to understand how important it is to remember people’s names and important dates.

He said if I don’t take it seriously one day I will regret it.

I remember that day clearly. It was me, Nicole (girlfriend at that time) my brother Keith and Nicole’s sister Jenny, all riding in her SUV headed home from a nice day at Ault Park.

Ault Park is such a romantic park. The kind of park every man would take his date if he’s trying to impress her. It impressed Nicole a lot.

I remember how she smiled at me while walking together holding hands through their Garden of Roses.

It’s safe to say I was the man and there’s no way in the world I could mess this up.

Anyway, while Nicole was driving us home I fell into a daze staring at her, picturing her as my bride.

Wow! She was a beautiful bride.

She was wearing her sexy wedding gown walking down the aisle coming to Big Daddy… then Jenny interrupted our wedding when she said, “Vernon answer my question.”

“What question?” I asked sharply because her question made it clear for me to see that Nicole was still just my girlfriend.

“You heard her.” Nicole said while rolling her eyes. “When is my birthday?”

Let me stop right here; now I have forgotten a lot of things in my life but when you forget your woman birthday it does something to you spiritually.

I could feel the Holy Spirit leaving me.

I said a prayer, “God is that you abandoning me?”

God replied, “You on your own on this one Bro. There is only one thing in life I can’t help a man with, and this would be it.

But make sure you call me if you need anything else; Vee… I’ll be praying for you.”

To this day I still haven’t totally recovered from that awful experience.

Thought it is never easy to face the truth, truth bring healing.

God used this to teach me loving others is more important than loving self.

He explained to me that paying attention to what’s important to Nicole is the best way for me to express my love for her.

Fast forward two-years later and my dream came true.

I was standing in the sanctuary on our wedding day with our Pastor anticipating my bride.

IMG_0370Then she walked out and my heart stop beating.

I have never witness anyone as beautiful before in my life. It was the happiest day of my life.

After our wedding I continued to do the small things that made her happy before we got married.

Like bring her a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, make sure her SUV was warm-up and listen to her when she need to share her feeling.

Then came the moment I knew me forgetting her birthday was a blessing.

See, Nicole always go use the restroom in the middle of the night but she never turn our bathroom light on.

Once I felt her get out of our bed to go to the restroom; then I could hear her say to the Lord,

“Thank you Lord for blessing me with this great man! He even make sure the toilet seat is down!”

And that was the day me and my wife became “One Flesh.”



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  1. Lol. That’s a great true and real story! I know God is going to send my King, I can hardly wait, but I have patience thank you O God! God bless you all 10 folds and bless this marriage that he be the husband God has called him to be, Amen! Have a great night!:)

    • Thank you Toya for commenting! You just keep your faith and he WILL send you your King! God is Good and faithful! I’m praying for you so just hold on. And yes it is a true story…lol

  2. Lol! I bet your head got “bigged up” when you heard that. For us, the little things that men think are inconsequential are the things that really matter and I am glad you know that. I am excited for your wife!
    I pray it only gets better for both of you.

    • Yeah I did sort of got the “big head” lol But it was a long-suffering process learning all of that. But hey, Jesus learned his obedience through suffering as well. And thanks for the encouragement, we both appreciate it.

  3. I enjoyed reading your story. Have a blessed New Year! – visiting from the blog hop

  4. Article Source:
    Vernon great article which led me to share this with you. Please read it at your leisure. blessings!!

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