How To Know When God Wants You To Reconsider Your Ways

In my youth we always owned a dog.

I love dogs because they are loyal pets.

The way they communicate with their family make some people claim them to be human.

From their different barks to their different body stands, dogs are always telling us something.

For example the mailman’s bark is different from the neighbor’s bark.

My first Rottweiler mailman’s bark was a quick short bark while his neighbor’s bark was a more long slow lazy bark saying I hear you neighbor.

Today we own a four years old Rottweiler named Sebastian and he communicate mainly with his eyes.

When he wants something he put on this sad I’m so helpless face that’s hard not to give into.

Now wife (Nicole) knew I loved dogs but especially Rotties but she also knew they had a bad reputation.

At first she was skeptic then I showed her a picture of him as a puppy and that innocent little face made her more than willing to give him a try.

But it started off bad…very bad.

This little bear came into the house chewing up everything: SHOES, RUGS, WALLS, TOES, SOCKS…EVERYTHING!

By the grace of God, Nicole gave him another chance and another one and another one and another one…

What’s amazing is how close Nicole and Bash (short for Sebastian) have gotten in spite of.

She talks to him just like she talks to the rest of the family.

Now hear this… Sebastian speaks back to her!

For example, if someone puts him in his cage without him being disobedient he will tell her with a deep bark that echoes throughout the house.

Or if I haven’t walked him in a while he goes and sit in front of the door and looks at it then looks back at me until Nicole ask him is he ready for his Daddy to walk him.

That’s his own little way of trying to get our home back in order and back on the right path.

Although it’s good to see Bash and Nicole finally getting alone I don’t believe when I bought him it was God’s will for us at that time.

I say this because how stressful everyone was when he became a member of our family.

God’s will is calm and easy.

Everything flows together.

It’s was a long time since I owned a dog and I forgot what it took to care for one:


It didn’t take long for me to realize I just didn’t have the patience I once had.

You see, I acted on impulse when I bought him instead of praying, thinking and waiting to hear from God.

But once I brought him home I was locked and loaded determined to make it happened even though the evidences of it being a bad decision was staring me in the face.

Sometimes we want something to succeed so bad that we fail to listen to that little voice inside (or listen to our Wives) trying to warn us by directing us on another path.

God wanted me to wait and reconsider my ways by first preparing myself and the family for a puppy but I ignored Him when he showed me signs and that caused us a lot of pain and money.

Have you ever wanted something to work so bad that you ignored God’s signs?

What about the times you deceived yourself about your motives just to do what you wanted?

Some times doing the will of God comes the hard way.


There’s a story in the bible I like about a shady prophet name Balaam. (Numbers 22:1-41)

He was hired by the Moab’s King (Balak) to place a curse on Israel because Balak was scared that Israel was going to take his land.

God at first told him not to go then later He told Balaam to go but to do only what He tells him.

Balaam was riding his donkey alone with the princes of Moab when his donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing on the road with a drawn sword.

The donkey tried to avoid the angel by turning off the road into a field.

This made Balaam angry so he beat her.

Balaam didn’t see the angel but the donkey could see the angel of death ready to kill Balaam if he kept going.

A lot of times God can see things we can’t.

Two more times the donkey tried to save Balaam life and he still beat her.

Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth and she asked Balaam,

“What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”

Could you imagine what was going through his mind when he heard the donkey speak?

When the direction of your life undergoes a ‘mid-course correction’ how do you generally respond?

Have you ever considered it may be God’s will for you to try another way?

Do you get mad at God?

Do you get defensive at the person God is using?

Maybe you beat yourself up like Balaam beat his donkey or do you lash out at others and blame them for your anger?

There are 4 things to consider when facing roadblocks in life.

What To Do To Keep Your Will In Line With God’s Will

When I wanted things to go my way I use to try harder or try to manipulate the person or situation.

Then if it’s still not going as I planed I will wine like a baby or threaten like a bully.

None of those methods are God’s will for me when He put roadblocks in front of me.

I learned the hard way He was trying to tell me something.

When you are face with obstacles God is doing one of four things with you:

  1. He may be blocking your path to protect you.

  2. His timing to complete a certain stage in your life still needs your character refining

  3. He needs other people to get in position

  4. He may be using the process to teach you the power of surrender

God will use anyone or anything to get you back on track and in His will: YOUR FEELING, YOUR UPBRINGING, AN ANGEL, YOUR FAMILY, YOUR PASTOR, YOUR FAITH, YOUR CONSCIENCE, YOUR KIDS and even YOUR PET. 

What I found most amazing about the story wasn’t that the donkey could talk or that Balaam couldn’t see what the donkey could see.

But the fact God kept using the donkey to save his life.

Reflect right now on how many times God have saved your life with roadblocks.

Experiencing adversity isn’t just a way God gets our attention but also a way He saves our lives.











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