How to Lift Others Up without Them Pulling You Down

Making happiness a priority in one’s life is a struggle for many of us. It often feels uncomfortable and even ungodly at times.

As a Christian, it can feel selfish to think of ourselves first.  But Jesus said in Matthew 22:39 ”Love your neighbor as yourself.” This mean we’re supposed to love ourselves first, then our neighbor.

God design love to flow from one generous heart to another; from God to self, and from self to others. That’s how we give ourself freely.

Making a contribution in someone’s life is the most rewarding thing one can do for their spirit, however, recognize there is a danger to our spirit when we try to love other without first loving ourselves. With a heighten awareness of self we make wise decisions to help others without causing our own misery.

It’s impossible to grow spiritually without first loving God and yourself. Some people cope with their own pain by trying to fix others. They live their entire life trying to do what only God can do and that is save the world. God has called us to sow seeds to uplift one another’s spirit, not to escape our fears and pain. The emptiness felt within can only be filled by God’s love through examining your spiritual condition.

Be careful not to fall into the trap of helping others without first looking in your own “spiritual mirror” because this may have eternal consequences.

God gives us all an important role in people lives and it’s not always about responding to their emergencies. Our shame and disappointment of them can sometimes blind us from this. We need to learn to tell people the truth about themselves and lower our expectations of them.

Start by listening to your inner voice because we’re influenced by the people we are around. It’s easier for us being pulled into sin than for us to pull them out of it.

How we spend time with people should help our relationship with Christ not destroy it. The best way to help others is to pray for them and leave it in God’s hand. Prayer is never outdated.

When you demand that other change it threatens your faith. The same God that helped you in your hard times can help them also. You have to believe no matter what the person is facing that it’s never too big for God.  Hold on to your faith because change takes time. When you put others in God’s hands He will mode and shape them to his liking. The blessing is you only need a little faith for God to work his power in others.

Our love for God should inspire us to love and to help others, but we cannot give others what we don’t have. Get to know God because God is love. Let God teach you how to love yourself so you can truly love others. God’s love expressed through your motives more than your actions.








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  1. Very true, love does not judge and condemn. We often forget where God took us from and even how He still is at work in us.

  2. God is Love indeed! It is very true that we need to love ourselves first before we can love others and only God can teach us that. This is a very wonderful lesson and I am very thankful to you for this very timely reminder. May God bless you!

    • Thanks you Erin! It was so kind of you to come by and visit us. Hopefully we will continue to be a blessing to each other. May God bless you also!

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