How to protect yourself from yourself

There are many ways people protect themselves.

Sometimes it’s by carrying a concealed weapon for protection from physical attacks, or by installing alarms for protection against home invasions, or even by using condoms to protect against STDs.

But have you ever thought about what protects us from ourselves?

Where do we find shelter to protect us from the storm inside us?

The search starts by understanding ‘self-will’ and adapting to how the devil operates.

Life is Unfair

People’s feelings and thoughts are a product of their experiences and we all have or will face some form of unfairness in life.

It would be nice to have everything go our way and feel good all the time.

That’s the lies your ‘flesh’ and ‘self-will’ wants us believe.

Life provides daily impediments that may steer a caring and loving person towards only satisfying themselves.

This happens to those who are ‘saved’ just as much as it happens to those who aren’t.

Victory is found in surrendering to God.

How many times have you said to yourself, “I should have listened to my instincts”?

That is an example of God talking to you.

It’s hard for us to hear Him when we’re too busy talking about our circumstances or being influenced by the negative thoughts the Devil presents to us.

An good example is constantly thinking about our failures, weaknesses, or flaws.

The Devil likes to keep you focused on everything that isn’t going your way so you can’t see all the good God have done and is still doing through and for you.

When the going gets tough fix your mind on God’s promise of freedom and rest.

Most of us know exactly what it is that creates the pain, confusion, and disruption in our lives.

We’re just not ready to face the truth.

But with love, commitment, and the grace of God, we can persevere through life’s trials and tribulations and free ourselves by accepting out truths.

You are not a Slave

With the help of the Devil, you will resent the past, fear the future, and  live in the present in anger.

The present is where God is.

Everyone can recall an incident or moment in the past that they’re not proud of, and the Devil loves to give reminders of those.

It’s an effort to trap us in a web of guilt.

Guilt is an emotion and when people make decisions based only on emotions they begin to distance themselves from God’s grace.

When we turn to God and seek His will, we are no longer at the mercy of our emotions.

If the truth sets us free then the untruth makes us slaves.

We become slaves to self-righteousness, resentment, anger, and fear.

The truth is from understanding that decisions you make is base on your thoughts and your mind which is the vessel in which God speaks to you.

This will enable you to first see and then cherish even the smallest growth in yourself.

You’ll also see how far God has brought you, instead of how far you need to go.

Our salvation isn’t in the future, it’s now.

Understand Who You Are

You can’t change if you don’t know who you really are (Have you ever met the real you?). 

You are not defined by your job, education, money, or your successes.

God put in each of us the want to have a meaningfully life, but many people search in the wrong areas.

Because God is inside of us, that’s where the search should start.  It starts and ends with you.

Hebrews 4:12 “For the word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires. It exposes us for what we really are.”

Everything that you believe about yourself replace it with how God views you.

That includes your job, parents, past, and future.


Learn to get honest about your feelings and thoughts.

If possible, find someone you feel comfortable being vulnerable around.

Change can’t happen alone.

If it did most of us would have changed by now.

We need God’s help and He is waiting for us to ask Him.

Sin is in us, we’re born with it.

But our God is more powerful than any sin.

God reads your heart and knows every day whether we’re moving in line with his word or we’re falling short.

What matter’s to God is that we get back up every time we fall.

Gradually, old beliefs is replace with new and more positive beliefs.

Hope becomes clear.

But God gives us the freedom of choice and we can choose to keep being slaves to our old beliefs or choose to believe in the word of God.

The word of God protects us from ourselves.

Our beliefs is best seen in our actions not what we say.

Remember the Devil believed in God too.



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  1. Thank you for this! My storm inside was a relentless one tonight. Now I see that I got lost in my personality, and I can bring more love – the infinite love of God – into my limiting beliefs. I will be strong with love, instead of being “right.” Thank you for this answer to my prayer, found in your beautiful post.

    • You are so welcome. Suzy I think we all must remember that God is in loving control working things out for our good. Thanks for the kind comment.

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