Life at Work, More than about Money

13558453499vw88Work, Work, Work.

In today’s high-pressure work-force many people do not look forward to going to work every day.

If it wasn’t for paying bills and/or taking care of our family most people wouldn’t work. We are not there to be friends, buddies, or to get special recognition.

We are there to make money…or are we?

I actually believe some of us work for a larger calling.


What would happen if we viewed work from a spiritual perspective?

One reason people aren’t happy on their jobs is because of their co-workers.  Sometimes it can be difficult working with different personalities.

 I have worked with them all from the back-biting ones to the gossiping to the jealous ones who seek the boss out to volunteer information about other people.

There are also the lazy and unproductive ones who seem to drain everyone around them of their positive energy.

But don’t complain because God may have placed you there to bless them by working through you.

Such as the way you respond to certain situations and how you get back to work on time from a lunch break or even how you don’t get involved with the water-cooler gossip.

When we forget why we’re at work we tend to lose focus and the job then becomes stressful.

So accept the fact that you’re not there just to make money but to make those around you better people.


Society says we work because we have to but the Bible says it’s because of who we are.

God was “at work” when He created the world and we are made in his image. He commanded Adam to tend the Garden.

In Colossians 3:23, it says we are to work hard and cheerfully at whatever we do as though we are working for the Lord and not other people.

But how can we do that when we’re cautioned to watch our backs?

We should be eager to be the best workers not out of pride or ego but because we know we are pleasing God.

The workplace is a dynamic playground full of personalities and is an ideal place to practice Godly principles.

Here are some qualities I think we should practice at work:

Doing your job with the right attitude- We are there to work AND to practice spiritual principles.


Stop taking everything personal- Look at being disciplined as a learning opportunity. There are times when your boss may see an area where you could grow, but you must be open-minded and grateful for the honesty. Get rid of the “I’m being picked on” attitude.


Be committed to growth- Complacency can stop your personal growth.

When I’m at work, I tell myself, “I’m here for 12 hours; I should learn something new every day about my trade.”

My boss never directed me to do that but it’s something I’m committed to.

I’m responsible for my growth not my employer.


Help others grow- We are there to help others and to encourage them.

Just because you help someone doesn’t mean that your job is now threatened.

Have confidence in God that He wants you to teach others and help them grow.


Be happy for others- Stop being a hater because someone else got a promotion and you didn’t.

If you do your job gratefully God will take care of the rest.

I’m confident there are spiritual principles we all can practice on the job that could positively affect the people around us and improve the work environment.

Be patient and try to see the bigger picture.




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  1. I love what you doing my brother, I’m about to subscribe.

  2. I think it’s amazing wat yur doin. Keep up the good work!

  3. This is a great article. I had to have a meeting with myself this morning about my attitude toward work. I am grateful for my job but sometimes I view it with dread. A wise older lady told me I was placed in my new location to positively affect the people around me. Thanks for the very timely confirmation for my need of an attitude adjustment. Great word!

  4. Hi Lilka,
    We serve a right on time God! Don’t we?
    He will give you what you need and when you need it too.
    I know from experience that our work place is a great environment to show people the light we have.
    Hang in there something will come out of it.

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