Our Daughter Casting In Season 2 Premiere of ‘Chicago Med’


I received the text.

A group text.

I could hear Nicole screaming from our bedroom upstairs.

This thing God is doing with our daughter Kiki is real.


Staring at the text tears rolling down my face.

She just told us that she filmed a pilot for Showtime.

Daddy is still waiting to hear if Showtime pick it up.

But not Kiki.

She don’t wait.

She’s too busy following God.


In 2010 Kiki was in the Bella Dream Hair Model contest.

She was so excited.

She told me after she win she would be featured in Upscale Magazine, Ebony, Essence, Black hair.

She would also be on billboards.

Yeah you caught that didn’t you?

She told me after she win…

Everything she does she visualize herself succeeding this would be no different.

She came out on fire.

She told everyone she knew about the contest and we told everyone we knew and they told everyone they knew.

And it paid off.

Kiki rose to the top by receiving the most votes but two other girls was right there with her and had been the whole time.

This wasn’t going to be easy for Daddy’s little girl.

In the beginning you could sense all the girls having fun respecting one another although they were competing and didn’t know each other personally.

But when it got closer to Dec 31, the deadline, things changed.

When pressure is on people’s true character comes out.


I was reading a novel when I got the call.

I could hear the disappointment through the phone.

The first thing Kiki did was took ownership of a mistake she had made that cost her 500 votes and dropped her from first place to fourth.

Someone had contacted the top ten girls and told them he could help promote them and get them more votes.

All he wanted was pictures of their feet.

Kiandra (Kiki), the youngest of the top ten at the age of 19, was the only one who agreed to do it.

She had model her feet and hands before so it was not a big deal to her or her Mom.

But this guy was a hacker and he hacked into Bella’s system and gave Kiki 250 extra votes.

Bella called her asking did she hire a hacker to help her.

Kiki told her what had happened.

After Bella had her people investigate she found out it was an innocent mistake and that Kiki had been deceived.

Bella took 250 more votes on top of the 250 the hacker gave her instead of disqualifying her from the contest.

Shots had been fired from the other girls during the investigation calling Kiki a cheater on social media trying their best to break our daughter’s spirit.

Only to find out later one of the girls knew the hacker and asked him to contact the top ten thinking Bella would disqualify them for cheating and so she could move up.

But the shots backfired.


I listened to my daughter and as she continued to free herself I heard her shaking off the haters.

I never said a word.

She was in first place and Bella took 500 votes from her and that didn’t sit well with her at all.

As I listen I could hear her determination and focus growing.

Although she had bigger and better dreams Kiki Layne wasn’t going out without a fight.

The last thing I remember her saying before hanging up was that she going to make them all remember her name


The contestants continued to make fun of Kiki but she never said a word back.

The girl in first place at the time released a video because she had gotten that comfortable when Kiki dropped to fourth.

She wasn’t concerned about the other girls.

There was so much drama that Bella was looking into spinning off  a reality show.

Kiki slowly moved back into third place and no one notice.

A week later she creep into second place.

Facebook and Twitter started quieting down.

Every person who followed the contest was in shock believing there is no way this girl could come back from fourth place and win it.

People love an underdog and someone who gets back up after being knocked down and keep grinding.

Kiki had gotten more followers after being interviewed on Women On The Move by Leslie Wimes.

You can listen to the interview here.

Leslie instantly became one of Kiki’s fans during the interview because of Kiandra’s attitude.

Within two weeks Team Kiki was back a number one.

Kiki won the contest but sadly Bella never followed through on her promises for the first place winner.

Bella’s lost not Kiki’s.


img_312611Today Kiki is still making moves but bigger now.

She was recently feature in Chicago Tribune as one of the hottest new faces in Chicago theater.

She received best feature actress nomination for her role in the play Byhalia Mississippi along with most promising actress nomination.

She also just booked a voiceover job for McDonald that airs in the DC area.

We still hasn’t heard back from Showtime yet so pray for her but she did book a spot on season 2 premiere of Chicago Med that airs this Thursday Sept 22 at 9pm on NBC!

She said Daddy please tell everybody!!

And that’s what I’m doing asking all my followers to set their DVR’s for this Thursday 9pm to watch our daughter on Chicago Med.

And please do comment and share this post on all your social media platforms.

Kiki and our entire family appreciate the support from you all and I hope and pray the next time I write about her she will be at the Emmy or the Oscar.


Go Kiki!!






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  1. Awesome and encouraging. I will absolutely share!

  2. We surely do appreciate it!

  3. Go KIKI what’s my name, GO KIKI, what’s my name!! Multi-talented, meek, humble, kind and faith-filled!! Her star is rising and I’m enjoying her journey!! Great post too Vernon!!

  4. Congratulations Vernon. May God continue to bless and favor you and your family. This is a great accomplishment.

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