Self Reflection On Letting Go


I need to avoid the pain of losing control

I don’t want to look bad

I don’t want to lose her

So I tighten my grip and clench my fist

I grab on tight, close my eyes, and hold on

Although this relationship is painful and unhealthy

It’s all I know

I have always been angry

If this relationship ends I’m a failure

Nobody wants to be a failure

If I fail I’m not a man


He’s my baby Daddy

I’m going to keep on wishing, hoping and praying it will work

I can fix him


If a person can be happy without me am I willing to let go?

Do I believe it’s my responsibility to change my mate?



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  1. Hi, great post. Um on the reader screen when your post pop up, there isn’t a tab that suggests “Read More” or option to click to your .com site. Maybe you can adjust this in your settings layout of the theme. And when I click your titles of blog from the “Reader” screen it comes up as an error page. I just want to make sure readers can find your page easily and not miss out on great content.
    I hope this helps!

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