Stop Complaining and Start Remembering

For many people remembering the miracles God may have blessed them with is a hard thing to do. It’s takes a lot of effort. The Israel escape through the Red Sea was a mighty miracle from God, but the three days they traveled without water coupled with the water they did find was bitter, gave them the opportunity to complain.

When God takes you to another season is your life you must remember that He is STILL in control. You must remember that what you’re going through is only a test and a good opportunity to practice faith.  Instead of complaining, remember what He provided for you in the past and understand that there will be something to rejoice about in the future, if you depend on Him.

 People Are Not Perfect

In life we strive for change, not perfection.  All of us have expectations but are they realistic? When we allow people in our lives to act human, we give them a chance to make mistakes and grow.  No one plans to make mistakes but it do happen. Stop complaining about them and start remembering that it was a process for you as well.

Perfectionists tend to see the world in black and white.  They think they are above everybody else, forgetting the patience people had with them. It is wise to remember where you came from and renew your dependence on God.

 No-Win Situations

We are powerless over people and sometimes we are powerless over our situations.  A no-win situation is having a strong need to act, but don’t know what to do. complain 4 It’s during these times  we’re most vulnerable to attacks from the Devil.  He like to tell us lies and convince us that we don’t need the very people who were there for us when we weren’t there for ourselves.

The battle between our mind and our reality can become so over bearing that we run from reality. In times like these we  learn how to express ourselves to God. Ask for strength to stand tall and learn what He wants you to learn so you’ll be able to survive on your own.

Stop and briefly remind yourself of particular instances in the past when God has shown He cares for you.

Life’s Most Important Lesson: Remembering

Our experiences in life are great only if we can remember what they taught us. The Devil want us to forget while God wants us to remember.

When we forget we begin to complain and become blind to all the blessings around us.  People who complain know how to remember also, but they only remember the bad.

No one likes being around a person who complains all the time.

On the other hand, remembering is life’s most important lesson because that’s all we have to stand on.  There is hope and gratitude in remembering.  We can rejoice in our trails because we remember who was with us, who is in control, and who is going to see us through.

People who remember love helping others who are down on their luck because they remember being there themselves.  Remembering is the start of service to others.

Fixed Ideas and Distorted Beliefs

Don’t let your fixed ideas and/or distorted beliefs become your God. For example, the belief that being on your knees is the only way to pray to God or that happiness comes from the outside. You may fall into this trap if you worship those beliefs soon as you get out of bed and think about them most of your day.  Once this happens you’ll try to control anyone with different belief than your own, by complaining, withdrawing, or attacking. complain 5

Fixed ideas block your ability for new ideas because your mind remains closed, until other distorted beliefs comes in to support your false ideas.

Sadly, it usually takes a tragedy to become open-minded.  All it takes is a little open-mindedness for that light to go off in your head, to help you remember that your ways of thinking is not always God ways or the best ways.

Those who just started their walk with God often have short memories.  They forget how they got their freedom which can cause them to complain when things get tough.  You can call it whining, murmuring, or griping, but complaining is a sin whatever you call it. It’s a sign that you aren’t grateful, is impatient, and don’t have faith in God. It’s also says that your circumstances have more power over you than influence of God.

God does not like complaining and he shows it in Numbers 11:1.  Remembering God’s gracious provision in our past will help us seek his help during the wilderness periods in our life.



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