The Deacon And The Homeless College Graduate


He was picked most likely to succeed in High School.

Bill Hall was his name.

A tall slender young man with an innovative mind.

He was always trying to make things and people better.

But after graduating from college it was hard for him to find employment in his major.

He went into deep depression. Bill’s mother insist he get help.

His father told him to ‘man-up’ and go find any job.

Bill always wanted to please his father. It’s the reason he strived for success his whole life.

All he ever wanted to hear his father say was, “I’m proud of you.”

Standing across the street from a church one morning Bill decided to go in one Sunday during service.

His hair was wild and he had on a filthy tee-shirt with holes in it.

His blue jeans still had blood stains from the fight he had two weeks earlier over half of a sandwich he found in the garbage.

He wore no shoes.

Bill Hall walked into this mega conservative church. The Pastor was teaching on humility.

The service had already started and the homeless graduate walked down the aisles looking for a seat.

The church was completely packed and he couldn’t find one.

Bill gets closer to the pulpit and squats down right in the front.

This is what he had done for years in college but it was unusual for church.

People began to get nervous.

The Pastor than notice in the far back of the sanctuary a deacon slowly making his way down the aisles toward Bill.

The deacon in his 70’s wore silver hair that went well with his brown three-piece suit.

He walked with a cane.

Everyone had an opinion and was wondering when someone was going to confront the homeless man.

The church was completely silence except for the clicking sound from the old man’s cane.

When the deacon finally reached the front he dropped his cane on the floor and shakenly squatted next to Bill to listen to the rest of the message on humility.

When the Pastor seen what was going on he couldn’t finish his sermon.

He choked up trying to regain his emotions then he said, “What I’m about to preach you will never remember but what you just witnessed you will never forget.”




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