This Thanksgiving I’m Thankful for NOTHING


When I reflect about the times of not having much when I was younger I get chills knowing how blessed I was.

It was a blessing wearing hand-me-downs clothes from my brother but at that time I didn’t know so I always wanted more.

Once I gathered up the courage up to ask my mother why she never gave me what I wanted.

Mom’s simple reply was, “It’s my job to give you what you need not what you want. And to teach you right from wrong.”

She added, “In life Vernon nobody is going to give you anything so learn to be grateful for what you have.”

I never thought that having NOTHING would teach me to appreciate what I have and be a motivating factor to get my life in order by living with gratitude.

Having NOTHING was a blessing and a gift from God but a painful process to learn and understand.


Everything God created was good.

He created everything from NOTHING.

The Earth was empty, formless, and dark.

NOTHING came to light until God said, “Let there be light.”

Just like God created Heaven and Earth from NOTHING and saw that it was good, He also created man out of dust and saw he was good.

God created man in his own image, NOTHING more and NOTHING less.

Even though people have a sinful nature because of the Fall; NOTHING can keep them from God’s love… NOTHING.


When my values changed my life changed also.

The first time I took a drink I started to change although I wasn’t aware.

Black-outs were normal for me.

I woke up drinking and went to bed drinking.

I was killing myself in the name of having fun.

And getting married didn’t change a thing. I continued to drink and even went on to harder drugs.

You name it I did it.

My ex-wife finally said enough is enough and put me out.

I hit rock bottom fast.

I lost my marriage, home, career, and self-worth.


But it was NOTHING that lead me to desperation and brought me to my knees.

I remember saying three words while laying on the kitchen floor hopeless, “GOD help me!”

What that taught me was I did have something all along; a heart for God.

Now I get high on life and God’s love.

NOTHING could be more satisfying. NOTHING!


Change is a lifelong process.

We’re saved by the Blood of Jesus not by our work.

With that being said this Thanksgiving let’s be thankful for our trials and tests God has given us to mature spiritually.

I pray that God give you completely understand that Thanksgiving is more about giving than receiving.

When we give we find contentment and happiness.

Remember that Jesus gave His life so that we can receive salvation.

Believe Jesus died on the cross for you and showed He was God by coming back to life.

Receive God’s free forgiveness for your sins.

God has a plan for your life so read His word daily and learn what it is.

If you haven’t received God into your heart I pray that you will right now  because NOTHING else can save you.

NOTHING but the Blood of JESUS.



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  1. The way that you explore “nothing” is profound. Thank you Vernon!

  2. Meaningful, poetic and an enjoyable read! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great point, we should all be so grateful for nothing.

  4. What a great testimony! I love the open invitation you give for others to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus! God bless you for this. Happy Thanksgiving

  5. This is an awesome post Vernon! I like the spend on NOTHING. I completely get it, and it was well prepared, delivered and served.

  6. I absolutely love this!! thank you for sharing.

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