Understanding and Obeying the Holy Spirit

holy spirt, you can have this powerGod calls many people to mature spiritually, but not all can hear or understand the calling. Just as all people have different personalities, we also have different understandings of our spirituality.

From my perspective, we should feed our spirit every day and practice listening to it.  But to truly benefit from what our spirit can tell us, some internal beliefs need removing and some actions taken.


God want us close to him.  He’s called us to fellowship with him only to have us back out at times with lame excuses. We should have an appetite for spirituality. Many people blame their parents for not providing them a solid spiritual foundation, or their spouse for not being a positive spiritual example. Some even blame themselves, believing they can’t change and give up on their spiritual growth.

Don’t blame anyone, because God is constantly sending you invitations to a fuller life and to a greater love.  No more excuses.

Under Construction

There is a demolition process that need to take place before people can understand the spirit because most people are resistant to change. minds_under_construction

The battle for your spirituality is fought in our mind. Imagine your mind being a filter between how you feel spiritually and the television shows you watch, radio stations you listen to, or anything else that may distort your thinking.  It’s hard to obey God’s word or the Holy Spirit if you don’t understand it.  Being right with God take understanding and obeying the spirit.


The Response

Ignore the negative thoughts that may go with your process of gaining control of your spirit.  You may face doubt, insecurity, or fear.  Unfortunately over time, whatever we tell ourselves becomes our reality, even if it’s not the truth.

With the help of the Holy Spirit you’ll find the truth and that will help you get honest with yourself.  It’ll give you hope.  You’ll discover that rationalization, justification, and denial are all forms of lying to yourself. Start telling yourself positive things. Then gradually you will begin to see things around you change for the better, because you changed the tone of the voice in your mind.

That Light Within

God guides us even at times when we are far from him. Your light within can become dim when you start to interpret your personal feelings as the only truth. holy spirit 1 When things don’t go our way, people tend to rationalize the situation.  But when you’re guided by the Holy Spirit, you’ll understand what God wants regardless of your feelings.

Guidance by the light of the Holy Spirit take reading God’s word daily.  Hearing the Word.  Meditating on the Word and praying daily. As you do these things, you’ll have a better understanding of the Holy Spirit.

Galatians 5:16 “So I advise you to live according to your new life in the Holy Spirit. Then you won’t be doing what your sinful nature craves”.



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