When God Pitches You a Fastball

10177282_10201875316036368_4127275862334847747_n (2)Spiritual awakening can happen at any moment.

Last week while driving home one morning from work after a long boring 12 hours shift, I begin to talk to God about me giving back to the community. I expressed myself passionately how I’m tired of living and thinking only of myself. I asked Him to use me in ways that will get me out of my comfort zone. I told Him I believe I’m ready to go out into the world and help save some souls long as it’s His will for me.

My eyes began to fill with tears blurring my vision so I wiped them quickly. The rest of my travel I said nothing to Him and He said nothing to me but I could tell that He was smiling. When I arrived home I showered, kissed the wife while she slept then went to bed. I slept peacefully.

I woke feeling free so I decided to laid in bed content staring at the ceiling. I later checked by Facebook status after exercising and taking another shower.

First on my timeline was my friend Don asking all his Facebook friends to come out to Hirsch Recreation Center in Avondale and support Pitching for Peace an annual event collaborating the community residents, Police Department and City Councils members by playing a friendly game of softball; promoting peace.

I seen who was behind this. God was using Donald Jordan, a Cincinnati police officer who my mother calls her son, to pitch me a fastball. But I’m a fastball hitter, well, kind of.

I expected from the spiritual awakening I had the day before God was going to respond quickly. Usually He would throw me a change-up, a pitch that have all the mechanics of a fastball and looks like a fastball, but gets to the plate later having me swinging early.

In other words, having me looking for my prayer being answered right away but only to come later on God’s time. He tried to trick me thinking He could sneak a fastball by me but His trick was no good.

I seen the ball rotating soon as it left His hand.( I didn’t know God was left-handed like me) The count was full with two outs a man on first and third. All I had to do was get a hit by responding to His calling and we Christians would win the game.

But it wouldn’t be easy because God Almighty pitch no less than 100 mph. I felt my knees shaking then I closed my eyes, stuck the bat out and said a prayer. I could hear the bat crack on contact hurting my hands and the crown screaming. I had gotten a hit!

When I opened my eyes I was at Hirsch Recreation Center and the first person I saw was Don passing out t-shirts for both teams.

He looked surprised when I asked him what team I was playing on. He searched through his boxes of t-shirts like he was looking for lost treasure or something, then he shook his head and said he don’t think I will be able to play today. I asked why not.

He said because he can’t find a 4X t-shirt.

We both laughed then he a gave me a t-shirt (2X) and a glove then I walked to the baseball diamond knowing God had answered my prayers.





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