10 Things You Can Do For God Daily

1. Start your day off talking and listening to God.

This is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself. When you start your day off talking and listening to God it let Him know you have your priorities in place and it give you the strength you need to face the day.

2. Accept small inconveniences. When you start your day off talking to the Lord whether it’s through prayer or meditation, small things like not being able to find your keys in the morning won’t get you so upset. You’ll be able to sit in traffic and not think it’s the end of the world. You’ll understand your whole day isn’t going to go bad because of a small inconvenience.

3. Take simple self-inventory. Pay close attention to what you’re focus on. Because whatever you focus on have power over you. God give us the freedom of choice but He knew we focus on ourselves and circumstances too much. That’s why He tells us in Philippians 4:8 what to focus on knowing the Devil start attacking us first in our thoughts.

4. Learn God’s will just for today. If it’s in the Bible that’s His will for you.

5. Pray for someone. Most of us are so confused about what going on in our lives that we try to figure everything out or try to control everyone. God tell us to let go and pray about everything. James 5:16 remind us there is power in prayer so pray for someone else daily.

6. Study a biblical principal. You can’t get the word of God in your spirit just by going to Church on Sunday and reading the Bible. You have to study it! A good place to start is the fruit of the spirit. Example: find a scripture on love and read it and meditate on it most of the day. By doing this in time you’ll start to act on what you being mediating on.

7. Practice at home. Most people are different at home than they are at work or Church. Your first ministry start in your home with your spouse and children. If you’re not practicing God’s word at home than it will be hard for your family to believe in what you’re doing far as a Christian. Your actions have more influence on your love ones than your words.

8. Do service work. Helping others is what being a Christian is all about. God tell us to put others before ourselves. Encouraging someone is service work. Listening is service work as well. Everyday look for the opportunity to help someone. A simple phone call is all it take.

9. Show gratitude. Showing gratitude can make all the difference when the going it tough. The Holy Spirit is there to remind you how blessed you are no matter what circumstance you’re facing. Make a decision to think about how bless you are for having a personal relationship with God. Remember He chose you first.

10. Rest.



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  1. Same to you Funmi and thanks for commenting!.

  2. Thank you this is very good. Have shared it on twitter so others can see and help them in their personal walk with God. May God continue to bless and keep you forever for His glory.


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