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When was the last time God did something in your life that can only be explained as God? Was it yesterday? A year ago? The answer to this question will vary from person to person and may have different meaning depending on your level of faith.admin-ajax (3) But for me, it was the entire trip to Chicago this past weekend when we went to see our daughter graduate from college. Things happen that could not be explained as anything other than; activity of God.

I tell you the truth, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen, but still you people do not accept our testimony. John 3:11

It started before we left. Nicole had waited for at least a month for her license as an Insurance agent. She thought it was taking longer than usual to get it but she kept trusting God. The day before we left she texted me in bold letters saying she received it [God]. I believe God blessed her before the trip because He wanted her to enjoy it and for us to see Him at work.

Often I would go about my daily routine and fail to recognize God but His presence was obvious to me during this vacation. For instance, when we arrived at our hotel the concierge took thirty-five dollars off our daily rate. Then we went to get a bit to eat at Park Tavern and some of my food was slightly burnt. It was nothing, I just let the waiter know when he came by asking how is everything. He gave me the meal for free saying this one was on him [God].

The next day after our daughter beautiful graduation and she graduated magna cum laude, we all decided to eat at Giordano’s. My wife placed our order and we waited with anticipation after hearing it’s the best pizza in Chicago. I never had a pizza taste that good before in my life. The only thing wrong was the waitress put in the wrong order…twice. Not to my surprise we received two pizzas for free. [God]

Nicole and I gave God the glory after each experience so when Kiki invited us to her church that Sunday afternoon we were more than willing to go. I always wanted to attended New Life Covenant Church. This man can preach, teach and he’s funny too. This Father’s day Sunday pastor Hannah preached on sowing words and having more faith than the facts. He said people need facts while God need faith.

We left church spiritually full but physically hungry so Kiki took us to Ja’ Grill a Jamaican restaurant in Lincoln Park. Both of my favorite women loved it but it was just fair to me. I like Nicole’s chicken curry better. Next time I will order the catfish like Kiki.

Kiki gave the rest of her food to a homeless man sitting on the corner while leaving then we started our travel to the Salvation Army to donate her clothes [God]. On our way that’s when the devil showed up.

Nicole move to park the car to the right of us because she couldn’t turn left into the Salvation Army after seeing the gate closed. Then out of no where this woman thought it was a good idea to try to pass us on our right by squeezing her car between us and park cars. She hit our back quarter panel and some of the side. No one injured. God again.

Kiki stayed in the car to keep Nicole calm and I got out to handle the situation. This little woman then jumps out her car screaming at me. I calmly told her there is no reason to scream because we are both adults and we can handle this civilly [God]. Then Kiki got out the car and took pictures of both cars with her cell phone. The woman had a look on her face that said what kind of people are they.

We all went to the police station to fill out an incident report because in Chicago the police won’t do it at the sense if no one injured. While there, the woman started to lie about what happened. Nicole was about to let her have it. Then I reminded my wife what the pastor preached about and she calmed down [God]. I told her we Christian live by faith not facts. Nicole said then the woman need to get her facts straight.

I thought it was funny until the woman started lying about the pictures she took. That’s when she started getting to me. Then Kiki and Nicole calmed me down by reminding me what the preacher said [God]. The police officer filling out our report said we are hilarious and that we made her day. She concluded the woman was wrong for trying to pass us then wished me a Happy Father’s day [God].

Standing outside the police station, the woman congratulated Kiki on her graduation and wished me a Happy Father’s day.

Sometimes experiencing God comes in unusual ways. God often set up scenes that seem negative on the front end but has orchestrated it for His glory. From the start of our vacation to the finish of it, Nicole and I seen God. Open your heart today and look around you so you can experience God too. You will see Him showing you Himself in ways you cannot imagine.












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  1. I am always blessed when I read your testimonies because they are real. It is in the little things that we are tested and those are the things that will give us strength when we overcome them.

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