Fundamentally Committed to God

13 - 1 (13)The thing people commit to are the things that change destinies and change lives. God showed His commitment to us when He sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save us after the sinful acts of Adam and Eve.

But how committed are we to God?

How much of our lives are we willing to let God run? Are we willing to change our ways and thinking?

These day people are more committed to being physically fit than spiritually fit. People are more committed to going to church than applying Biblical principles.

Life is about getting better. It takes determination, willingness, and courage to change.

It takes Commitment.

The Most Important Commandment: Mark 12:30,31 “And you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all you soul, all your mind, and all your strength.

The second is equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself’ No other commandment is greater than these”

This scripture tells me God is about relationships not religion. How do we build a relationship with God?

By spending time with Him, reading His word daily, meditating on his word, and looking for opportunities to apply His word to our lives.

When a person is fundamentally committed to anything they practice it daily. It will be almost impossible to get it off their minds. All God asks of us is for the basic and that’s to want to please Him.

God will teach you how to love Him because God IS love. You don’t need to understand the Bible, like the Bible, or even like God. But if you commit to reading his word daily it will transform you.

Others around you will see the change before you will. Every time you read His word you are changing for the better.

When we’re committed to making changes in our lives and relationships we may not always know what to do. But when we trust God’s wisdom, we will then begin to see ourselves in a new light.

Make a Commitment to stop poisoning yourself with resentment and bitterness.

These things only hurt yourself and will keep you out of God’s grace. God want us being peacemakers. So let’s make the commitment to nourish our spirit with good thoughts, kind words, and service to others so that our spirit will grow.

I was recently reading a blog by Edward, one of my followers on Twitter. In his blog titled Thinking great though in your Marriage. he said, “What we think and where we focus our thoughts is foundational to where we are going in our life and marriage.”

I totally agree.

That’s why God said in Roman 12:2 he can renew our mind. Only God can change our thinking.

His word gives us new spiritual ideas that reshape our thoughts. We need to replace our lies with the truth. God is the truth and the truth will set you free. Being fundamentally committed to God is our committment to being free.



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