God Has An Agenda


“Vernon! Vernon! Vernon!

If I were to react to life in the way that you react to it you would think that I do not love you.” God said one morning during my prayer and meditation.

“Father I do love you!” I protested.

“I love you with all my heart, my mind and my soul.”

“If that is true son why don’t you trust me?” God asked.

“If you love Me why do you believe everything your mind and the devil tells you?”

I sat quietly listening to God speak unable to answer Him.

“Vernon I love you so much I sent My only Son to die on the cross for you because I wanted a personal relationship with you.

I could not imagine going through eternity without you so I made up a plan and My Son was willing to execute that plan.”

“He had a choice. Jesus didn’t have to do it.

He could have refused to die for you but He didn’t because He desire for you to have freedom.

Freedom from self.

Oh how we rejoiced in heaven when you believed and received My plan of redemption and made My Son, Jesus, the Lord of your life.

You didn’t have to do it you also had a choice.”

At that moment I closed my eyes and breath deeply.

God’s peace was in me.

I could feel His peace flowing through every cell in my body.

I knew He was with me.

I felt loved.

“Vernon when you wake in the morning first thing you do is acknowledge my presence by saying, ‘Good morning Lord.

Thank you for this beautiful day.’ That I’m proud of.

Then you pull out your bible and start studying My Word.

That I’m also proud of.

But reading My Word does not make you a doer of My Word.”

“See child you also have an agenda: YOU WANT TO CONTROL YOUR LIFE.”

“Then when life becomes challenging you get frustrated wanting to run from the situation.

You quickly forget that it is My power that makes things happen.

My power and your willingness.

But before I can ever use My power within you, you need the willingness to allow Me.

You have to have faith in Me.”

“I know that you don’t immediately lose all of your old habits of the flesh but son I want you to learn to trust Me when life becomes complicated.

You have everything within you to move mountains because that moment you became My child you received My power.”

“My agenda for you is to learn to die to self moment to moment then I will be able to teach you how to love the way I love; unconditionally.”

God said in love.















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  1. He wasn’t talking to you only Vernon. He is talking to me too.
    Lord help me tot trust you like you want me to.
    Thanks for spreading these words…

  2. You are teaching me Vernon, at such a pivotal hour. Thank you for expressing it for all of us ~Suzanne

  3. a much needed one at this moment of time in my life 🙂

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