He Can’t Stay Here

photo-1448749927985-5565d99c10aeMark Sullivan took another sip of his Lock Stock & Barrel while sitting on his back deck staring blankly at the house behind him. He’s worn out from playing eighteen holes of golf with one of his client. He glanced at his watch and bit his lower lip then heard his wife and kids pull into the garage. He was hoping they stayed camping another night.

“Daddy where are you?”

“I’m back here on the deck honey.”  Ashley dropped her back-pack on the floor and ran out back to her father.

“Daddy we had so much fun,” she said hoping on his lap.  “Whoa… you did?”

“Yes. Mommy and I caught lighting bugs and we started a camp fire. Then we went on a bike ride…”

“And what was your brother doing while you and Mommy were having so much fun?” “Oh Tommy stayed on his cellphone most of the time talking to his girlfriend. He said camping is for kids.” Mark moved Ashley to his right leg and thought to himself.”

“Come on Ashley, Mommy needs you to help her unpack hun,” Melissa said looking straight ahead walking pass Mark and Ashley to the bedroom. “Sit here Daddy be right back.”

Melissa knew Mark had high expectations on Tommy and that he wasn’t living up to them. She understood he didn’t graduate and it was hard for him to find a job, but she figured it’s their son and she not putting him out in the streets because Mark says so. While unpacking she wonder why Mark didn’t feel the same way.

“Let me help you with that,” Mark said reaching for the folding chairs. Melissa continued to unpack.

Mark took a sip of his rye whiskey then said, “You know I have been very patient with you about this boy. He’s twenty-five years old, unemployed, and living under my roof. How long I suppose to wait Melissa?”

Melissa pull the sunscreen out her bag and sat it on the dresser. She grabbed the alcohol and antiseptic wipes and took them to the bathroom. Mark sat on the edge of the bed twirling his drink.

Tommy walked pass the bedroom door with his headphones on. Mark waved at him. Tommy entered the bedroom and stood in front of his dad who’s now feeling good.


“I though I told you and your mother I want you out this house by last Friday? You thought a camping trip would change things?”

“Mommy said…”

“Mommy said? You’re twenty-five years old and still calling her Mommy? Let me tell you something boy I’m going to make a man out of you once in for all. I want you to go grab your things and leave this house at once.”

“No problem Dad!” Tommy turned and stormed out the bedroom. Melissa caught him in the hallway.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. How about you go ask the sperm donor.”

Melissa looked surprised when she asked,  “Would you mind telling me what going on Mark?”

“He has to go Melissa. He can’t stay here.”

“Excuse me.”

“You heard me woman. I’m the head of this household and I said he has to go.”

“No YOU have to go!”







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