How To Stop White Officers From Killing Black Men

White officers in the United States are conspiring against African Americans. They are part of a system that protects them. A system that has been in place against the black man for a long time.

I remember one of my older brothers coming home one evening with his face bloody and eyes swollen nearly shut. My first thought was he had gotten into a street fight.

He said two white Cincinnati police officers took him downtown under the Riverfront Coliseum and beat him for being drunk in public. He said that’s just what they do.

This was in the 70’s. America this is nothing new.

One would think living in times of cell phones camera they try being more discreet but they have gotten cocky.

They don’t hide their beating today instead they kill in public for the whole world to see.

They don’t care about crying babies being in the back seat of a car. They don’t care if you’re a law abiding US citizen who have the rights to carry a concealed weapon. They don’t care if you’re recording them live of Facebook.

If you’re black they believe they have the rights to kill you.

They belong to a system that’s designed to protect them.

The worse the system will do is scratch them up a bit by putting them on administrative leave.

But after these last two senseless killing in two days of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile to the hands of white police officers, there have been a change of late with minorities officers and black communities.

Understand the system was not only designed to just protect white officers but it was also designed to make sure minorities officers remain quiet out of fear and to allow African Americans to march and protest with the illusion that we’re doing something for change.


The system has always sense horror from African American and good people who refuse to watch us continue being killed because of the color of our skin.

Last night that horror came true.

5 officers were killed in Dallas and others wounded after a protest.

I can only image at work this morning white officers sensing an increased tension between them and minorities officers.

They have no conception whatsoever of low promotion opportunities or having to work twice as hard or having to keep quiet when their conscience is telling them you have to do something.

You have to say something.

They have always tolerated each other’s presence. But after last night killings neither feels any obligation to exchange niceties on passing in the hallway or speak kindly to each other at the donut shop.

In this increase of tension they sense an opening in the system; a shift in balance of power.

Officers are tired of being oppressed by the system and living in fear.

Minorities officers and pro athletics are speaking out again the system and putting them on notice by demanding change. With the Black Lives Matter Movement etched in their spirit they are agitated for change.

They are so agitated for change they are willing to put their careers on the line or lose endorsements.

The system knows something big is coming.

They can tell.

The spirits of :

Trayon Martin, Sandra Bland, Kathryn Johnston, Sean Bell, Eric Garner, Rekia Boyd, Amadou Diallo, Mike Brown, Kimani Gray, Kenneth Chamberlain, Travares McGill, Tamir Rice, Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Freddie Gray are working with each good citizen of this nation on a plan to break the system.

But they need our help too.

If your spirit is moving you to do something follow it. It’s doesn’t matter what color you are let the spirit of God inside move you to do his will whatever His will is for you.

We have to do more than march and protest we have to contact federal and state legislators and demand change in policing laws.

Meanwhile the black communities have been attempting to shore up alliances with each other hopefully regaining the fight and wisdom we had during the Civil Rights Movement by ceasing spending.

The process to stop white officers from killing us black men in America has been too slow, but rest assure the spirits of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are leading this spiritual movement on the conscience of all good officers and good people throughout America.

They will only stop killing us when the system folds from the inside out by officers protesting against officers, legislators changing the policing laws and by all races uniting for the higher good.

If not, I’m afraid we will see more killing like Dallas.




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