What if you could have a spiritual portfolio guided by a desire to become rich in God? Would you be interested in obtaining financial wisdom, not from a financial adviser, but from God’s Word?

There’s a link between the things we treasure and the heart, the heart and our master and our master and money.This link is “the desire of the heart.”

Internal conflicts we may have about money are from choosing the world for our treasure and security. The toughest decision we make about our finances is changing our perception about money. This decision is so vitally important because it affects our relationship with God and others. A part of our spiritual growth is directly related to our faithfulness with money.


Handle wealth with the conviction that God owns it all. And it is all God’s. He merely allows us to manage it.

There were times when I’m certain I disappointed my wife because of my “It’s all mine” attitude with our money. She patiently showed me how giving from the heart works and it changed my view of money. I now understand that God’s purpose in blessing me financially is for me to be a blessing by helping others.

God will not force His will on us it’s a decision we must make for ourselves. Managing money is spiritual. The more we nurture our spiritual seed of giving, the greater our harvest of spiritual fruit.


It doesn’t take very long for the average person to look at his finances, see it’s not enough, and decide to do something about it, even if it’s wrong. Our attitude can make all the difference when facing financial stress.

Young Female Agonizing Over Financial Calculations In Her Kitchen

The Bible says in James 1:2-4, consider it pure joy when facing trials of many kinds because difficult times build character. Trials develop perseverance, patience and trust.

We may wonder how realistic this is because our natural response to trials is to worry or to pray for the removal of them. But not all obstacles meant for removal. The correct response to intense financial pressure is an attitude of praise, faith, and prayer for wisdom to understand the lesson God is trying to teach.


When having discussions with yourself about your finances, it’s important to make an honest assessment and take full responsibility. Rebounding from loss of financial security requires honesty, faith and patience.

One of the mistakes I made was becoming a slave to my debt. My inability to manage my debt was consistently everyone’s fault, except my own.

Thankfully it’s never too late to make things right, but first; we have to learn to take ownership of our responsibility.

Examples of possible financial shortcomings are: not preparing ourselves (savings account) for a rainy day, or making an impulsive financial investment with the hopes of a substantial immediate return.

Whatever the case, understand the devil uses financial hardship to make us feel alone. Once we take responsibility God shows us an inner strength we didn’t know we possessed. God will never leave us.

Money can either help or hinder our trust in God. Please understand conflict and worries about money aren’t about money as much as they are about the desire of the heart. When we stop equating material and monetary wealth with happiness and success, money no longer controls us and is no longer our master. We cannot serve both God and money. IN GOD WE TRUST.



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