Jesus Wept

8370f689dd35e3fb98e2a4ae93af1572Daily He speaks to you.

The Kingdom of God awaits your service.

There are things God knows you need to do: Prepare for, train for, and experience with.

Daily He speaks to you.

Your mind doesn’t speak the same language as it.

Your soul fight so stay alert to the Spirit within.

Inside you there’s something God placed for your guidance.

You refuse to conform to this new demand because it wants authority of your life.

God sadly observes your unwillingness.

What a joy it would be to God to see you determined to be all He had called you to be but you refuse to conform to this new demand.

God loves all His children.

He said if only you would had paid attention to His commands your peace would have been like a river and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.

There is nothing you can do that will make Him love you less.

God loves all His children.

But some of His children turn away from Him and continue to follow their own will with God dwelling inside.

They waste and hide their God’s given talents.

Still, God as their personal Savior, they refuse to change their attitudes and behaviors.

Discontent and unhappy is the way some Christians live with Jesus crying inside them.

Jesus wept.



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