Life, It Shows Up

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Life. It shows up.

Left knee hurting. Rottweiler staring waiting patiently for me to let him out the cage to walk him.

Pain pills not working.

Life. It shows up.

I stand but can’t take a step until the pain subsides. I stand ten minutes then take one step.

Pain pills not working.

Life. It shows up.

“I love my children, I love my children,” mother exclaim from her bed.

“Mother is you in pain?” I asked.

My job is to make sure she isn’t experiencing any pain.

“No baby, mother isn’t in pain.” She squeezes my hand and smile.

Her pain pills is working.

Life. It shows up.

“So what color should our great room’s carpet be?” Wife ask with uncertainty.

I hop behind her trying to keep up.

“Vernon if they don’t break ground on our new home this week I going to have a real problem with that,” Nicole said with a hint of smile now surveying the walls.

Wife is in a different kind of pain.

Life. It shows up.

“O Jehovah, O Jehovah,” where the last words I heard my mother say.

I flushed her pain pills down the toilet. Pain no more for her.

Mother left me a gift that would change my life forever.

Life. It shows up.



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  1. Really good work here Vernon.

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