Live by Faith Not by Fear

To find God is to find yourselffaith 1.  And a critical element in finding God is having faith in the present. Some people find it easier to run from the present by dwelling on the past or on the future. They’re blinded by fear and that fear shapes his or her beliefs of their current situation.

They may feel unworthy while God says they are worthy.

People need to put more faith in God than in themselves and believe in God’s promise.  We must learn to live by faith and not be blinded by fear.

Do Not Be Afraid

God knows there are many things we are afraid of.  But even so, throughout the Bible God insists that we cast out our fears by commanding us to not be afraid or to not be discouraged.  In other words, God is telling us to trust Him.

Most people accustomed to putting your faith in themselves instead of God, but realize that putting your faith in any man, including yourself, is very risky

Begin to understand yourself by establishing a personal relationship with God.  This achieved by studying and mediating on His word.  You’ll then realize that God can do many things that you can’t do for yourself and that there is no need to fear.

Denying Our Fears

Denial may help you avoid reality but understand that suppressed fears will never go away.  Some people may change friends, churches, or spouses to mask their fears.  They search for answers on the outside to fill the void they have on the inside.

The answer is honest with yourself. Once you learn to accept who you are, you’ll no longer have to live in denial.  Honest will set you free from your fears.  It’s the key that will unlock your self-made prison.

Fear = Feel Everything And Recover

How you manage your thoughts and emotions determine your process of change.  As my mother-in-law likes to say, “There is blessing in the pressing”. Go beyond your guilt and shame and put into action what you know; that sometimes you’ll have to do what God wants you to do regardless of your emotions.

Two important questions to ask yourself are, First, “Do I really want to change and recover?”  And second “Am I willing to go through the pain like our Lord Jesus did for us?”

Stop letting fear cause you pain and don’t let it control your life.  I believe that a person heads in the right direction when their spirit overrides their intellect and emotions. Fear will keep you from growing and discovering your true self so learn accept you fears and grow.



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