My Life Of Integrity


When I read the book of Job I sometimes ask myself, what does it takes to become blameless and upright? After plowing through my mind with such questions I wonder could I be blameless and upright?

Do I love anything more than God? Job’s faith and wealth didn’t impress me more than his acceptance to his lost.

I once lost everything I worked for; my home, my career, my marriage and my hope. Trust me, you never want to lose hope.

Although many people get their sense of worth from their possessions, the benefits from living a life of integrity helps you come to know God and yourselves is a new and intimate way.

The first questions I asked myself after my devastating lost was, “Why me?”

I was hungry for understanding but starving for common sense.

Integrity is a passion to please God regardless what’s taking place in your life. I was to focus on the things I had lost. Common sense should had told me when it’s over it’s over.

See, integrity is acting on biblical principles regardless of your circumstances. A person with integrity has nothing to lose but his integrity.

He has the gift to see past today devastations and into tomorrow’s celebrations. I long for integrity.

Putting much stock in my possessions wasn’t a good idea because when I lost everything I also lost my identity and my self-worth.

God cares about our suffering and his purpose for allowing it is so we can draw closer to him and that’s exactly what I did.

My hopelessness posed a great challenge for me because I never been in this circumstance before.

But it was this hopelessness, I now see as a gift, that caused me to surrender to God. The challenge to face my realities I knew I would need help. I was tire of fighting.

First I was honest with myself by telling myself the truth about my role in losing everything, then I learned to keep my mind quiet so I could hear God speak to me.

Integrity requires constant self-examination.

It’s alright for us to have fears and doubts because God understands our emotions but we don’t always have to understand God’s actions. We just have to trust Him.

To become blameless and upright I learned it takes overcoming our trails by trusting God.

Job lost his health, his children and the support of his wife but he never lost his trust in God. He never lost his integrity.

Don’t be conformed to this world and get your self-worth from what you own, like your home, your car, or your wealth. But live a life of integrity by seeing yourself as God see you as more than possessions.

We can lose things but God’s love can never be taken away from us.




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  1. An inspiring post! Thanks Vernon. Have a blessed Easter!

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