Selfish People Are Like Sheep Without a Shepherd


There is nothing wrong with setting goals and putting an action plan together to carry out our dreams.  But when our lives driven only by our wants, we are no longer thinking for ourselves we are living only for ourselves. Guidance and purpose needed in a “me first” world.

It’s my belief that selfish people lack the ability To see the need for guidance.

Like all of us, these people carefully evaluate their relationship with themselves. But unlike us, they always conclude that they can do things alone.This leads to pride. But when someone is full of pride, they cannot see their weaknesses or realize they need help from others.  No one is present to put them in their place, when their wants turns into demands.  Pride and selfishness go hand in hand. God teaches us to consult spiritual guidance, not selfish desires.

To be led by God, He must first clear out our spiritual eyes.

This will happen by the removal of our sins. Pride, self-righteousness, and greed, will keep us blind; blind to our greatest need: spiritual guidance. We must realize our constant need for God even when life is good. Living for comfort, wealth, and self, will put a barrier between us and God.

We can’t remove our own sins; we can only ask God to remove them.There, we’ll find the direction and sense of purpose that our selfishness has hidden from us. What we need the most is a loving and caring Shepherd.One who will feed us spiritual food, remove our sins, and restore us to loving relationships with Him and ourselves.

Many people avoid guidance by deceiving themselves.

They may do this by lying to themselves. Lying by telling themselves they can bury their bad habits or faults, without ever having to deal with them.They’ll tell themselves, “I don’t need anyone’s help” or “Nobody loves me.” These lies become their truths, because they’ve told themselves those lies for years. Self-deception can lead you further and further away from God’s will for you. From here on out, quit deceiving yourself and allow God to help you discover yourself. The truth you’ll find will set you free.

Many people look at others and find their flaws but don’t look within to find their own flaws. When you admit you need help and guidance, you’ll then allow God into your being.There is a light and a power inside you that you’ll discover, the moment you believe that. When this happens, you’ll stop telling yourself lies and you’ll no longer live for only you. Let God transform your selfish wants, into a loving concern for others. Let God become your Shepherd.



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  1. I love this site and just read about me and made me cry, not that I was sad. I was touched for The Lord knows my heart and has blessed me by giving me you.

  2. To God be the Glory! Jeff you have blessed me too, so thank you! God does reads our heart, we need to just get out his way and let him lead our lives. Thanks for commenting.

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