Some Parents are Planting the seed of Entitlement in Their Children

images (9)To find a respectful teenager these days is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack.  The days of children opening the door for a woman or helping her with her bags are long gone. In fact, many may believe a woman should hold the door for them or move out of their way.  It’s my belief that they act this way because they’re fighting a spiritual battle.  This battle involves emotions such as anger, depression, and fear.

There are parents who teach their children to put others before themselves, and those are the children who will become content with themselves and stable in relationships.  But if you’re looking for reasons why so many others fail to gain traction in life, look no further than their parents.

Most parents don’t recognize that there is anything wrong with the way they relate to their children.  They’re desire to become cool or friends with their children enables them to ignore all bad behaviors.  An example of this is when parents automatically believe their child’s side of the story when a teacher calls home.   In these cases, these parents feel that no one else can correct their child.  When the child sees this, it makes them feel untouchable.

Parents today give their children their own room, own TV, and even their own cell phone, sometimes by the age of nine. These parents believe that the more they give their children, the better parents they are.  Ensure that your child earns everything you give him or her and that they assume responsibility for it.

Too many times, parents give things to their children, if for no other reason, because they are their children.  They’re so determined to have their child grow up better than they did, that they pass on to them a sense of entitlement.  Don’t just give your child weekly allowances, let them earn it by doing odd jobs around the house.

Believe it or not, some children who’s raised getting what they want, when they want it, may find it hard to fit in society. You may have taught your kids manners or how to pick up after themselves without being told, but be sure to teach them that the world owes them nothing.  If you neglect this key aspect of parenting, it will make it harder for your kids to become independent and self-sufficient as adults. These young adults are quicker to quit their jobs or relationships, when the first sign of trouble arises.

Parents, think about what you’re teaching your children, with their future in mind.   Don’t over-praise or over-provide for your child.  Teach them to earn everything they want in life.  I believe if parents help their children keep their priorities straight, they won’t develop a sense of entitlement and instead will foster a positive attitude towards life.



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  1. This is so great, I Love it. I think every new parent in the US should get this.

    • Thanks! It’s great to have you here with us. I believe we need to take a closer look and how we are raising our chiildren. Come back to see us again Shelly!

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