The Art Of Living

You are more than your pain.

You are more than your problems.

Your life wasn’t meant to hurt so much.

It’s okay to want for yourself because your needs are important.

Don’t even think about believing it’s bad, wrong or selfish.

Today is the day you let go of your past and start loving yourself.

Today is the day you step out of guilt and shame and into freedom.

Today is the day you stop putting others before yourself.

Today is the day you start living the life God intended you to live!

After reading this post and applying its principles you will start living life abundantly.

You will be able to say no with confidence and not waver.

You will be able to trust yourself.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to identify and meet your own wants and needs for once?

Well it’s time for you to solve your own problems and learn to live with those you can’t solve.

If this sounds good to you then keep reading because your life is about to change!


People without a life run from themselves.

They do this by trying to talk and think their way into a new way of living or by manipulating their way out of responsibilities.

People, we can’t think our way into a new way of living we can only live our way into a new way of thinking.

Those without a life want badly to change their bad habits but never stay committed.

They enjoy demonstrating how much they have been hurt and hurt others on purpose so they know how it feels.

They lack the abilities to make things happen so they try to force things to happen.

They want to be in control of everything and everyone.

People who live without purpose try to control in the name of love.

Yes those without a life only think about being in control.

They expect others to do what they want them to do so they can feel good about themselves.

I know this because I once was this person who didn’t have a life.

I forfeited my power to think and feel for myself when I tried to be in control.

The lost child in me believed he was unlovable so he became desperate to control his life.

I lived my entire life thinking I was a victim.

I THOUGHT people was never there for me because I didn’t get what I wanted.

I’m just now living the free life God wants me to live.

Getting a life is helping others but without losing yourself.


The hallmarks of people with a life is taking responsibility for their life.

If they show up late for work they don’t blame the freeway.

If they are angry they deal with what made them angry rather than taking it out on people who had nothing to do with it.

People with a life don’t look for someone else to blame their problems on.

They see themselves as problem solvers while people who live by default constantly want someone else to solve theirs.

Then there are those who think they are loving people but really hurting others and themselves.

They rescue people from their responsibility then get upset with themselves for doing it.

People this isn’t living.

Doing something you really don’t want to do or saying yes when you mean no isn’t love.

Love isn’t irritable.

Most people we help in the name of love are capable of taking care of themselves.

So why do you keep helping people who continues to hurt you and disrespect you?

Love isn’t neglecting yourself.

Why do you keep ignoring your personal needs, wants and feeling?

I believe drug addiction and other self-destructive behaviors like enabling develop through a victim role.

That’s why it’s important to learn who you are responsible for…yourself.


Each one of us are motivated by something.

Deep within each of us there is a driving force most of us are unaware of.

Some are motivated by values while others are motivated by fear.

For years I was motivated by resentment and anger.

I resented my father and was unaware until a counselor encouraged me to write about growing up without a father.

I wasn’t halfway done writing and out of no where I began to sob all over the paper.

Then instantly I felt a weight lifted off on me and freedom in that area of my life.

I had experience God’s grace and His freedom He wants me to walk in.

It was the start of me living for Him.


Everything that had been created was created with a purpose.

The car you drive have a purpose: to get you from point A to point B.

You was made with a purpose too.

God created you in His own image with the purpose of doing His will.

If your car isn’t running right you take it to the manufacture to see what’s wrong; right?

Well it’s the same with your life.

The reason most people struggle in life and aren’t living to their full potential is because they try their best to fix it themselves.

No car can fix itself and no person and fix their own life.

When you try to fix your life yourself you make choices based on your mood, circumstances and pressures of life.

You find yourself fatigue and stressed a lot.


Because you are doing too much.

The Art of living is very simple: Give it to God.

Give what to God?



If you have one personality you’re considered a NORMAL person.

But if you’re anything like myself then you might need counseling.

Understand there isn’t anything wrong with seeking outside help.

(Outside help: Help other than your own bright ideas)

The best instructions for living an abundant life is practicing biblical principles you will find written in the Bible.

God knows we are fractured, broken, self-centered humans with our sole purpose in life is self-gratification.

Applying spiritual principles to your life is a process that allows you to develop a new relationship with life.

There are many spiritual principles you will find in the Bible: Hope, Surrender, Faith, Willingness, and Honesty to name a few.

What works for me is when I come across one for instant spiritual principle love. I would study it by learning everything I can about it.

Then I would look for ways to practice it in my life.

For example if someone is rude towards me my first reaction is to get offended.

But if I wait the Holy Spirit will guide me to seek understand that rudeness is more about them than me.

Seeking wisdom and understanding takes effort on our part but it well worth it.

Life is about changing and growing so listen and become willing to take suggestions from the Bible, Holy Spirit and others God placed in your life to give you counsel and encouragement.

And watch those parts in you that have consistently functioned negatively slowly fade away. At some point the art of living will become the natural thing to do like breathing in and out.
















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