The Growing Process Of A Spiritual Slump


Suites_ScreenSaver_2011-groupfieldWe have all been in this place before.  When God seems so distant and you can’t feel His presence.  When your prayers become a task and you’re out of your spiritual comfort zone.

Being an athlete all my life I hated when I was in a slump.

While playing baseball sometimes, I couldn’t get a hit to save my life. It happened also playing basketball, I couldn’t make a free throw when I needed it the most.

I would practice more and more because I believed I had control over the situation.

Now as a Christian I still hate being in a slump: a spiritual slump.  And like in sports, there are some things we Christians can do to get out of our spiritual slump and back on top of our game.

When Trusting God Gets Difficult

If anyone watched the San Francisco Giants’ run to a World Series win this year they saw a good example of having trust during difficult times.

Down two games to zero and facing elimination against my beloved Cincinnati Reds, the Giants managed to win three games in a row. They were then in the same situation during their next series vs. the Saint Louis Cardinals and still found a way to advance.

Then to top it off they then sweep the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.  Not only did they have trust in each other, but they believed.

When it comes to God it’s easy to trust and believe in Him when things are going well, but what about when things are going against you?  What about when it seems there is no way you can win?

Believe it or not, these are the times when God is performing deep work inside of you.  Jesus learned obedience from the things He suffered (Hebrews 5:8).  Trusting in God despite of your pain and difficulties will lead you to victory.

Loving Him When He Seems Distant

When any of us have experienced a place of darkness or a difficult moment in our lives, like the loss of a loved one, career, or hope, sooner or later we began to see a light that we have never seen before.

God said, “Let there be light”, so that His children can shine in Satan’s dark world.

When you follow the light and stop trying to think and reason your life back in order, you’ll come to the end of yourself but to the beginning of God.

Close the gap between you and God’s love by not looking on the outside to make you feel at peace on the inside. When you do it creates an illusion of distance between you and God, which in turn creates a situation where loving God becomes a challenge.

Understand that just because your current circumstances aren’t ideal, it does not mean that God isn’t working for you.

Separation between the Old Life and the New Life

Several times when God has a calling on your life it requires a separation between your old life and your new life.  He’ll distance you from old people, places, and things by taking you to an unknown place to help you discovery your true self.

Don’t be scared of this journey.  Not fully embracing this will lead you to making decisions that are not part of God’s plan.

When this happens the vicious cycle of doing the same thing and expecting different results take place. Insanity.

A huge part of keeping your sanity is not acting on your old way like acting on impulses or fear. Waiting on God is your new way of living. Many people have waited on God for a very long time and some are still waiting.

God gives us direction, hope and promise by turning our bad ideas into his own plan but it all depends on how we can wait.

Like getting out of a batting slump takes practice, so does getting out of a spiritual slump. It requires separation from all that you have known before. Many times you aren’t able to make sense of it.  It seems there is no hope.

But just like the San Francisco Giants pressed on to become World Series Champs, you can press on to find God’s love during difficult times.  Spiritual slumps are a process of change.  You need only be willing to turn the process over to God’s design and His plan.



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