The History Channel’s The Bible, is it a calling?

The-Bible-MiniseriesCritics believed it wouldn’t be successful, claiming The Bible wouldn’t have an audience. And after a record-setting viewing (over 13 million on the first night) some attributed that to “attractive” casting.

Another example of God being behind something while man can’t understand. Because man reasons with the flesh and not the spirit. The Bible never once focused on religion, instead, it shined a light on the relationships people have with God. This left believers as well as non-believers asking, “Is ‘The Bible’ a calling?”

God speaks to His children in many ways. But have you ever asked yourself if the devil can use television why can’t God? God wants to have a personal relationship with you. . The Bible reminded us several times throughout the series that God is with us confirming that God is about relationships and not religion. What was true in Joshua’s time is still true today: He will not fail you or abandon you (Joshua 1:5).

Hearing and responding to Jesus’ voice is what I mean by calling, and the way people are responding to the show I believe it is a calling.

God is in the reconciliation business. After “The Fall” God wanted to destroy everything except for Noah’s family, so he could start the human race over. This is how the series The Bible began but we all know the good Book starts with God creating Heaven and Earth.

What better way to start the show then with God saving his people? The good news after “The Fall” is He will never again destroy all of living creatures and He still loves people even though we are sinful. That’s why He gave us His only son Jesus, so we all could have a relationship with God and eternal life.

This hit series is filled with covenants made between God and people. Abraham, Isaac, David and Moses just to name a few. God wants to enter a covenant with you as well. You only need to respond to his call. He will provide grace to help you with your part of the covenant.

Producer Mark Burnett said he made the series to education young people on the Bible. While I was watching The Bible with my 9-year-old son, he asked several well thought of questions about God. The show sparked an interest about God in him.

Mark’s vision is working in my home with the covenant I have with my son.


Is watching The Bible causing you to ask more questions about God or about your relationship with yourself and others?  Then watching it may be a calling for you.



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