The Secret To Getting Your Man To Stop Driving And Ask For Directions

Ladies do you want to know why your hubby/man/dude/boo/baby daddy… refuse to stop and ask for direction while driving?

Now I can’t speak for ALL men but only 99.9%.

You see everything is about perception right?

Just because we drive around desperately trying to figure out how we’re going to get back on the right track don’t mean we’re LOST.

Understand it all depends on what your definition of LOST is.

Women have the same definition of LOST as the dictionary, Google and every living creature on Venus so I understand why Nicole gets so upset at me when I’m driving what appears to be LOST.

Google said LOST means: Unable to find one’s way, not knowing whereabouts, off course, off track …

Men’s definition… well we’re a little different.

Far…far…far…far from Mars kind of different.

Okay I get it in women’s mind we’re lost but to us we’re just– losing.

For a man to stop and ask for directions means he gave up. It means he didn’t believe he could win and that means everything to a man.

If there’s little money coming into the home he believe the family going to come out on top.

The family is a team to a man.

Everyone must know their position and play their role.

To give you a better understanding on how most men think let me invite you all into the mind of a man.

Come on in there’s plenty of room.

(I crack me up sometimes!)

Anyway men love a challenge.

Think about when you first met your man.

He knew you wasn’t going to be easy to get and that’s what drove him.

Although you may had played hard to get but in reality, you played right into his hand.

That’s our attitude when it comes to most things and finding our way while driving is no different.

Men think of everything as a sport.

It don’t matter what sport it is.

Whether it is fishing, hunting or hooping, life to a man is about winning.

And speaking of hooping Nicole is an Xavier alumni and myself an UC alumni and both of our teams are still in the NCAA tournament right now!


You see what I mean?

I can’t even write a blog post without sports on the brain.

Now vision your son playing on one of the teams that’s in the tournament and his team is down twenty in the first quarter.

Would you encourage your son to give up?

Would you complain and fuzz at him because he can’t figure our how to ignite a comeback?

What about his coach?

Would you demand his coach to stop coaching and ask for help on how to coach?

Of course you wouldn’t.

You would cheer your son on until the final buzzer and allow his coach to figure out how to win for himself.

Most women know men are no more than big kids.

And I will admit it’s true.

We’re big kids trying to win in the game of life.

Now women pay close attention to what I about to say next.

When you demand that your man stop and ask for help you just became his…OPPONENT!



Yes the teams he’s determined to beat.

The more you try and convince him to stop driving and ask for help the more he think you’re trying to trick him into losing.

He become cold and stubborn and falls into a deep trances trying to figure out how you got on the other team.

Him trying to find his designation is the lease of his worries now.

When did she change her colors?

I thought she was down for the home team not a fair weather fan he ponders as he drive around confused.

Women there is only one way to get back on his team and it’s by not offering suggestions.

When you do this it tells him you want him to win more importantly you’re no longer against him.


Just like it’s not good for a man to offer suggestions to a woman while she’s sharing her feeling.

A woman shouldn’t offer them while her man is LOST driving.

If women do this he’ll see you’re not rooting for the other team and quietly pull into a gas station and ask for help.

You will sit there smiling when you hear him say, “Excuse me could you help me please…I’m LOST.”










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  1. Great suggestion for couples and also singles

  2. We can’t open your posts, V. We get an error msg when we tap the title or the “read more”. I got in on the third try through the (2) (number of comments).

    As for the post, so we just sit there….and let him run loops, lost, huh?

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