The Trap of Knowing a Lot, but Believing a Little

study bible 2The drive for knowledge consumes many lives. Some people believe knowledge equals security; security on the job, in the classroom, and in life.  But these people are only falling into a trap of self-deception.

Society say that education is the golden ticket in life. There are high school and college students all across the country looking to cash in.  Even in the face of rising tuition, America’s colleges are experiencing an increase in enrollment and more people are going to college now more than ever.

A once thought-to-be golden ticket has turned into nothing more than an old ticket stub.  This concept applies to Christians also.

There are Christians today walking with God with that same understanding and attitude. An attitude that the more they know about the Bible, the better off they’ll be when God calls them home. They study the Bible with passion and vigor, but never truly understand the core of what they’re studying.  Will these people ever cash in on their ticket to internal life?

Proud and Insecure

The moment you place more trust in your abilities than that of God’s, you are guilty of being proud and insecure.

No matter how much information you consume, there’s just isn’t enough to keep us from the trails of life.  study 3There’s a big difference between simply understanding what God wants you to do and actually doing it.

But before you surrender to God to help you bridge the gap, you convince yourself that you can handle it alone. You have so much pride that deep down you have more confidence in yourself than in God.

Learn to completely depend on God daily, while remembering His ways will not always line up with conventional wisdom.

The Negative of Positive Thinking

Beware of anything that puts the burden of expectations on you and not God. Since positive thinking and self-help philosophy books are big sellers, it tells me there are many people with a wish to do well and fulfill their potential.

“Positive thinking” that you or I may experience comes from the Holy Spirit, which is not influenced by our feelings, emotions, or instincts. You may truly believe in your heart and mind that you will change for the better, but without God’s grace and the Holy Spirit, you won’t.  bible study 3

There will be times in your life when God will put a mountain between you and where you need to go.  Instead of climbing each of these mountains, make it easier on yourself and try moving the mountain with your faith. Be still and know he is God. Positive thinking doesn’t tell us that, but the Holy Spirit does.

God’s people are the most positive and joyful people on Earth, because of their intimate relationship with God.

When Motive is right, but Action is Wrong

We are in such relationship with God that we are constantly inquiring of His mind on every matter because we can’t solve spiritual problems with fleshly answers.  Although people are natural problem solvers, there are times that we will never find the answer.

As parents, most of us have experienced that one child that really needs to get it together. But to do so, some of us may even force our will on them, forgetting that the more you try to make someone do something, the more they resist.

The best way is to just give it to God. You don’t have the power to change people. Even when your motives are right, when you try to control people your actions are wrong.  Self-reliance can become our greatest weakness.

Tangible Evidence not Neededbible study 4

The ability to form beliefs is part of what it means being made in God’s image. Though many people know about God through knowledge, i.e. reading the Bible, those same people may not know Him intimately and actually lack a working relationship with God.  Being saved means believing our Lord Jesus Christ is our saver from sin. Understand it’s not knowledge alone that saves us.

You’re not alone when you have a hard time believing in the Bible, because many people have at some point. It’s hard as humans to believe in something with no evidence that it’s true. But, the more you read the Word and study it, the more you’ll learn of your sinful nature and that you can’t fight it alone.

As the Holy Spirit begins to work on your mind and heart, you’ll slowly come to believe in God’s word and began to apply it in your life. Your job is to learn the Word daily and completely lean on God to help us. When you lean on our own understanding, God must re-direct your path.



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