What Is It That Is Holding You Back?

We hear how our faith looks at situations through God’s eyes and not our limited understanding. And it’s clear we are to love our enemies and not seek revenge or try to solve our problems ourselves. But there’s something that stops God’s principles from working in our lives that we don’t hear much about and that’s the inability to receive.

Learning to receive was an area that needed correcting in my life. I wanted to give, forgive, and love but my inability to receive these principles stunted my ministries in these areas. God have sent people to give me seeds to sow, but I never received them so I had none to sow.

Because I have not sown I have not reaped. It took me a long time to understand that and what I’m about to say next. The Holy Spirit made it clear to me it was because I HAVE NEVER REAPED; I HAVE NOT HAD ANYTHING TO SOW.

I know that sounds confusing so let me put it this way. I always believed in God and His Word but my faith didn’t grow when I believed only when I received it in my spirit.

For instance, It was hard for me to forgive others. Why? Because on a spiritual level I had never received forgiveness from God, either directly from Him or from Him working through others.

It was the same with love. It’s impossible to know God and don’t want to love others because GOD IS LOVE.

But because I hadn’t received God’s love I didn’t love myself spiritual. Loving myself spiritually have taught me it’s okay being human. It’s okay to make mistakes. I can stop being so critical of myself.

When I started loving myself I accepted myself: the good, the bad and the indifference. The same way God loves me. Then and only then I began to love others.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (Mark 11:24)

When I became vulnerable and risk sharing myself with God and others– my fears, my securities, my innermost thoughts– I was able to receive the seeds God wanted me to sow.  Love, forgiveness and generosity I began to reap.

Ask yourself what is it that is holding you back? Answer it honestly not because you need to know what is holding you back, but because you need to confess what is holding you back. Confession leads to receiving.









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