What’s Your Role In the Church?

3786993736_ea56c90802 (2)The first time I responded to Jesus was when I was a sick, lost, and injured sheep. I was a slave to a spiritual sickness called addiction, and I was restlessly eroding from the inside out. The Devil and his demons of drugs had done a good job on me, I had lost hope.

I remember feeling unworthy and being around myself was painful. I wanted to die. But Jesus had something else in mind for me. He knew I had a role in the Body of Christ. So the good Shepard left his flock of sheep to find that scattered one. He heard my simple prayer while I laid comatose on my bathroom floor; Jesus help me!

Our spiritual life has a beginning just like our physical life. Being born again first start with you coming to the end of yourself. We have to surrender to God’s will then get out his way. I surrendered on the bathroom floor and didn’t know it. I had stop kicking and screaming like an infant when the Lord reached down and picked me up.

Our Father allow us the opportunity to manage our own lives like a mother allow her child to cry himself to exhaustion. We become tired and defeated. Our experience teach us we need help.  Surrendering start the birth process of our spiritual life. Before we were in our mother’s womb Jesus knew us. God had a plan for us long before he created heaven and earth, long before we knew him.

Most people don’t start going to Church because their lives are in great shape. They have experience some pain. The Church is a group of believers who devote their time daily to the teaching and learning of God’s word (Acts 2:42-47). It’s people who creates a loving, caring, and exciting atmosphere when they get together. The Church is not a building.

Our role in the Church is to love and fellowship with each other. At the top of the Church agenda is caring for one another, learning each other’s needs and making time for one another. People don’t need to always come to Church, a loving Church will reach out to them. This kind of service is appealing to others. Jesus said you will know my disciples by their love for each other (John 13:34-35).

Just like me, many people have experiences that can help others when shared. Sharing our experiences help build intimate relationships in the Church. We all play an important part in the body of Christ ( 1 Corinthians 12:22-25). Helping and loving others through our life’s experiences is our role.




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