Where Can You Run, Except to God?

14408835512_3cb60d0996You insist on doing things your own way.

You’re determined to figure life out.

You seek answers.

You try solutions.

Solutions that come from your own ideas, thoughts and plans.

Satan tells you that you are mature enough to solve your own problems and you believe him.

You stay on this self-destructive broad road running from life.

“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad and its gate is wide for many who choose the easy way. But the gateway to life is small, and the road is narrow, and only a few ever find it.” (Matthew 7:13-14)


What is it, more importantly, where is it?


Whenever you look for security, love or self-worth on the outside you’re on the broad road the scripture talks about.

Many people take this road because it’s easier and less painful to look outside themselves than to look within.

It’s impossible to find the road to life unless you know yourself.

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What makes the road to life narrow is most people have a distorted view of themselves.

They see themselves only through their defects and shortcoming searching only for their faults.

Not liking what they find they build this false image of themselves through pride and never addressing their real issue of insecurity and fear.

Change involves overcoming fear.

We all have personality traits we’re not proud of but we can only change what we acknowledge.

Self-honesty is the virtue that gets you on the righteous narrow road and begin the process of getting beneath the surface of who you are.

With self-honesty you’ll discover that self-love, kindness, and forgiveness had been under those defects and shortcoming of yours for years.

You’ll discover your defects make up only a part of you.

How do you begin to learn being honest with yourself many people ask me.

By going to the one who is the truth; God.

He taught me by writing a journal.

The more I wrote honesty about my feelings, thoughts and actions the more freedom I experienced.

Being honest with myself brought me closer to God and I learned to accept myself on a deeper level.

Self-honesty was something I had to grow into because I had deceived myself for so long listening to all the lies the devil told me.

There is only one way to life and that’s through death.

Everyday we must die to self-will by being honest with ourselves.

There’s no need to run looking outside yourself for what you can only find within.

God’s Words bring life.

His Words brings light.

His Words bring love, peace and joy so why run anywhere else except to God?

My next post I will teach you how choosing life starts in your mind and with what you tell yourself.







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  1. “We can only change what we acknowledge” jumped out at me. It was only moments before this I was thinking about the man who sat by the pool waiting for all those 38 years for his healing to take place, not realizing that what he was waiting on was already on the inside of him. Jesus had one question for him and that was, ‘wilt thou be made whole?’

    It is through that question that he was spiritually awakened and to acknowledge his need to change his mind set of looking on the outside and to look within himself. He was healed the bible says but I believe it was not so much a physical healing but a spiritual one in which his mind was renewed from that day on. As Christians we have got to learn to trust God and depend upon Him. He will never lead us wrong. Very encouraging post!

  2. Wow! Excellent point Yvonne. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Great word! My husband and I have coined a phrase when trying to help someone to understand this very concept, “God can never heal a wound that you refuse to admit is there.” It’s like a kid who has a busted-up knee, and he’s trying to run and play, but the knee keeps hindering him for doing all he longs to do. If he’d just allow the parent to bandage his knee, he could do all that he wants and is meant to do. A person who refuses to be honest enough to acknowledge their brokenness and desperate need for God is just like that child with the busted knee…walking around wounded, broken and lost. God can mend, heal, and restore to life. All we must do is ask. 🙂

    • That’s an excellent way to put it! I know you just described me as an adult..lol It takes courage and humility to admit your flaws then share them with someone but that’s when the healing begins.

      There is so much freedom in releasing those hang-ups and giving them to the One who can carry them; God. Thanks for adding value to this post.

  4. Beautifully written!

  5. Loved this post! You’re right, when we’ve listened to and believed the enemies lies long enough – we begin to adopt them as our own and then they’re tough to break! I’m so thankful that God’s Word renews our minds and enables us to clean out our mental houses!

    Glory to God!


    • That’s why we must read and meditate on “The Good Book” daily. Then we will hear the Holy Spirit speak to us also. You’re right if we’re not careful we will believe what the devil is saying is our own thoughts. Thanks for the awareness.

  6. This is a wonderful read, Vernon. So much insight and self knowledge to write this . We learn not from experience but through reflecting on the expeience. Thanks for the honest connection. with self and God.


    • Hi Bertie,
      There is a lot of healing through confession.
      I have fooled myself for years believing that I can simply bury my thoughts and feeling.
      Only to find out they were seeds that grows and bear fruits.
      But not good fruits.
      Thanks for the blessing.


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